Don’t have time for a private psychic session?
Do you need to conserve cash at this moment in your life?

Many people want John Culbertson’s guidance but don’t have the time or resources to partake in his other services. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

Did you know 99% of people who have an email account check their email every day? Additionally, 90% of people who have an email account check their personal emails at work. Email is such a popular form of communication that 293.6 billion emails are sent every day!

So why wouldn’t you want to work with John via email? It is one of the quickest vessels for getting a tarot reading.  Additionally, you can read and re-read it again and again and again.

Praise for Email Tarot Readings!

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Victoria Carter Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I have found that John’s personality comes across as very personable. His readings are accurate. He applies a personal touch by elaborating on what he sees and guiding the client toward a clearer view of the problem and potential answers. He is informative, helpful, and offers a clear sense of guidance in his sessions.”

Mary Ellen East Meadow, New York

“John is excellent, and everything he said was right on the nail! I’m very impressed with him, and I felt honored to have this opportunity to chat with him tonight. He sounded very honest, sincere, and very easy going.”

Beverly Northern Florida

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think that John had been watching my whole life transpire! He was aware of everything – as though he had been there while it was happening! WOW! I’m in complete awe of him! I’ve had readings before, but this is the best I’ve seen! John, please continue to do the good work that you’ve done here. You are truly gifted. You covered every aspect of my life and how I’m spiritually evolving now!”