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God Doesn't Make Mistakes  


I was listening to the Sunday message - God Doesn't Make Mistakes. It was a great message. I personally do not believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, even if we aren't sure what that reason is. This belief can give me hope and comfort in troubling situations.

What do you believe? 

Posted : 23/05/2020 4:04 am

That is a really beautiful notion, and I'd really like to believe it's true. My problem is when I see some of the best people have the crummiest lives. What is the reason for this? Why do some people have much better lives and circumstances than others? 

Posted : 23/05/2020 12:04 pm
Member Admin

@madeline There could be several different reasons for that... the biggest challenge my students face is learning to take responsibility for their lives regardless of what happens in them.

There are several things at play.....

First: We can't ever truly know the will of the Divine, but we can be assured that the Divine wants us to succeed and be happy. If we don't believe that, it's important to examine our relationship with the Divine. Exploring how we're relating and what that relating means to us is very important, regardless of the spiritual path one chooses to follow. The image you have of the Divine greatly influences many things in your life. Some for the better and some for the not so good.

Second: A person's own mental attitude and beliefs have a great impact on their life. I'm not saying always thinking good/happy thoughts always leads to a good/happy life, but I am saying it does help, tremendously. Furthermore, I am also saying dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions continues to reproduce negative circumstances and events in our life.

Third: The general consciousness of a person can have a tremendous impact on life too. A good example of this is the consciousness of poverty. When a person has a poverty consciousness, they can win the lottery and the money will be gone within a year and they will be right back to where they were before winning the lottery. A person with prosperity consciousness, on the other hand, can have nothing and out of nothing, with the help of the Divine, of course, create and make something.... over and over again.

Fourth: The Garbage in/Garbage out principle. What enters into our consciousness we reproduce in the physical world. Watching TV, movies, reading articles and novels, the type of music we listen to.... these are just a few things that we have bombarding our consciousness each day. And each of them is a creative force in our life once it enters into our consciousness - typically attracting a similar vibration and energy into life.

Fifth: Sometimes, though, no usually, bad things or disappointments do happen to help correct us and move us in a new direction. I was taught a long time ago, by one of my first spiritual teachers, to look at every failure not as a failure but as the Divine saying: Not this way! Try another way!!!

Sixth: Sometimes bad things just happen.... it's not karma, it's not God, it's not even us..... it just is. This is an imperfect world. If you're Chrisitan, the world may have been perfect at one time, but after the fall that is no longer true. Any other religion must also accept that there is no perfection in the physical world. It just doesn't exist. Since it's an imperfect world, imperfect things happen.... and those things can bring heartache, sadness, and much worse. It is in these times especially that we need to be keenly aware of the Divine's presence in our life.... for it's typically tying to offer sympathy, support, comfort, and love when we otherwise feel it is lacking.

Finally: Don't underestimate the influence other people's energy has on your life either. It's one reason I wrote my book Psychic Self Defense and Protection, but that's a topic for another time. 🙂

Posted : 24/05/2020 2:33 am