Connect With Your Guardian Angel

How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

While there are several kinds of angels, two types are especially appropriate to focus on connecting to within meditation. The first are the archangels. The second type is the guardian angels. Guardian angels are responsible for helping people in a variety of manners. It has been said that every human being has at least one […]

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A Spiritual Parable - The Story of a Dog

A Spiritual Parable

I have a story I want to tell you. It was a story that was passed down to me by one of my own spiritual teachers many years ago. It’s a story that I share often with my psychic development students. Now over time, as is the case with most parables, it has changed. Sometimes […]

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Introduction to the Chakras

An Introduction to the Chakras

Within the metaphysical world, we have a term that is called chakra. This is a term which was borrowed from the eastern part of the world (mainly India, but also parts of Asia). This word, which in Sanskrit, means spinning wheel. Thus, a chakra is a spinning wheel of energy located within the human body. […]

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