Celebrating Midsummer or Litha

For my June blog post, I want to talk a bit about the celebration of Litha (lee-tha), also called Midsummer. This pagan holiday occurs during the Summer Solstice. Depending on the year, it happens anywhere between June 20th and June 22nd. Many forego looking for the exact astronomical date and simply celebrate on June 21st.

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May 1st: Beltane

For my May blog post, which I am posting early here towards the end of April, I want to talk a bit about the celebration of Beltane. Other than Samhain, Beltane is probably one of my most favorite Pagan holidays. Beltane takes place on May 1st, and in many places, it is still known as […]

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Animal Spirits and Spirit Animals - Totem Animals

Spirit Animals and Animal Spirits

Animals are significant in the Shamanic tradition. They are seen as guides, guardians, and teachers. In Shamanism, it is believed that both physical animals and spiritual animals are an essential part of health and wellbeing. In the physical world, animals act as teachers. When a person comes across an animal, primarily if it should occur […]

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