Virgo Tarot Reading 2023


This is the Virgo Tarot Reading 2023.

Judgment Reversed indicates that when it comes to love and relationships this year, you are looking at this topic from a realistic point of view. There will be plenty of opportunities to make changes in this area of your life. Still, this card usually indicates that, for whatever reason, you opt not to make those changes.

Perhaps you’re comfortable with where you are at? Maybe it’s too much work or requires too much dedication, and you have other things you focus on. Regardless, know that you can have a rebirth in the love and relationships sector of your life anytime you desire. You must know that’s what you want and be willing to commit yourself to what needs to be done to bring it about.

What needs to be done? For starters, you will need to nurture social connections. The more you are out in society, the higher the probability of attracting and finding a suitable mate. This is where the problem is. Again, you may have other areas of life you need to focus on (career, family, etc.). You may not have it in you to dedicate so much of your time to relationships right now. This is true regardless of if you’re single and looking or already involved with someone.

If you are involved with someone, I beg you to talk to them openly about your plans for the year and let them know there are only so many hours on the clock. Work together to determine how you can maximize your time together so that you have plenty of time to get the other things done that will be on your mind.


As previously mentioned, one of the things you may find yourself doing this year is deciding between love and career. The Lovers points out difficult decisions are on the way when it comes to employment and finances. Part of that is figuring out how much time to devote to your career vs. your work life. If you can get quiet and tune into your higher guidance or inner voice, it will help you make these important decisions.

It’s not just about work and love, though. You may also need to decide between two different careers or employees. You may need to determine where to place your finances or limited resources. There is much to choose from, and you can’t let anyone else make these important decisions. If you do, you’ll likely be disappointed and frustrated. Neither are emotions that help manifest or create the reality you most want.


The Magician Reversed warns that someone in your circle of friends or within your family may suffer from some creativity block this year. Your encouragement may help them find that creative spark once more.

Beware of “friends” or family members who seek to undermine you or always appear to have something critical or negative to say about your dreams and goals. The less time you spend around these individuals, the better off you will be. This can be especially hard if it’s someone that you’ve been close to and who, only recently, has started to behave in this manner. Still, your priority is on yourself, and one way to do self-care is to limit the amount of time spent around the toxic thoughts and opinions of another.

You may find yourself feeling drained of energy at some point this year. Do your best to rest as much as you need to. Look for friends or a family member who can be supportive or, preferably, helpful.

A young man (or an adult son) may need a kick in the behind at some point this year. Don’t make them feel bad, but offer concrete guidance and motivation so they can be inspired to act and not just sit around and wait for things to change.

General Astrological Advice for Virgo in 2023

The Hermit tells us that you will be “teaching” at some point this year. This may be one-on-one instruction, but it could also be classroom or group instruction. Likewise, this is an excellent year for engaging in educational opportunities.

Pluto is going through your solar 5th house until around March 2nd. This is a great time to be involved with children. You can change their lives, and they can change your own. It’s also an excellent time for not taking life so seriously. Starting on March 2nd, Pluto moves through your solar 6th house, which means your day-to-day life or work may get a bit strange. Old patterns may need to change, at least for a few months. On June 13th, you’re back to having fun and not taking life so seriously and should be able to enjoy life for the rest of the year.

You will likely meet a potential relationship match this year if you are single. This is one of the few times when listening to your friends may be in your best interest. If they approve, you’re good to go. Otherwise, steer clear and put your energy into something that’ll be better for you.

If you want to develop your intuitive or psychic skills, this is a great year. Especially if you can do it before May 15th. Jupiter is moving through your solar 8th house, and this is perfect for all sorts of divination and spirit communication work and study.

Finally, one last piece of advice. Whatever you do, don’t neglect your taxes this year. There is an opportunity here, but it could be easily missed if you’re late doing them.

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