Taurus Tarot Reading 2023


Here is the Taurus Tarot Reading 2023, beginning with Love and Relationships.

The one area of your life that looks pretty good for 2023 is your love and relationships. The Four of Wands falls here, and it lets us know that in 2023, you will have the opportunity to create a solid foundation for your home and family. Thus, if you are already involved with someone, perhaps it’s time to get serious or increase the commitment and time spent together. If you are single, you may find someone who fulfills your wishes and desires and brings a new romance with marriage potential into your life.

As a side note, this card also usually implies that attending social gatherings, events, and functions is essential. If married, you should make time together to do these social things. If single, don’t be too introverted and turn down the invitations – you will likely meet that person just being spoken about.


Strength Reversed lets us know that this area of life is troublesome for you for at least part of 2023. March 24th to June 13th is the critical timeframe when you’ll find your career or finances most challenging. It’s important not to let your difficulties impact your self-esteem. You must keep your creative abilities open and pursue new ideas to help improve your situation and, thus, your career and finances.

There is a “Leo Woman” that you are strongly advised not to put your full faith and trust into. It appears she may disappoint you or let you down. That doesn’t necessarily mean she will “stab you in the back,” nor does it imply she disappoints or lets you down on purpose. Despite this, keep business dealings with her to a minimum. She is better suited as a friend to have fun with from time to time, not as a co-worker, employer, business partner, or associate.


The Two of Pentacles Reversed implies that you’ll have trouble dealing with all the problems concerning family or friends. You may have to choose a side; if that’s the case, it’s guaranteed that someone will ultimately be unhappy. As such, you must be at peace with the decisions you make. Remember that this is in effect for the entire year, but parts of the year will seem less stressful and better than others.

Perhaps it’s time to figure out who your most trusted friends or family members are. Who are you confident you can depend on? What would you be willing to sacrifice for them? These are all critical questions that concern this area of life for 2023.

General Astrological Advice

As you move through the first half of 2023, keep reminding yourself that you only have to make it until May 17th. At that point, there is a significant energy shift. This energy shift results in thinking and focusing less on your troubles and more on opportunities for success and happiness.

As you have already seen, friends and family are a central focal point this year. Things, events, and situations that occur in this area of life will be difficult for you to discern fact from fiction. Not everything will be as it appears to you or as it’s being shown to you. Despite this, you are still called to be a stable influence in their lives and practice patience in your dealings with them.

Your values and beliefs will be challenged this year. Taking time to process is essential, but so is exploring other cultures and points of view. Even if you disagree with them, they will help you refine your values and beliefs, which is essential for living a happy life.

Expect changes associated with your career somewhere between March 24th and June 13th. These changes will challenge your values and beliefs and make you rethink and reconsider them. Don’t expect much rest during this period, as your mind will be as busy as your physical body. According to the Nine of Swords Reversed, come June 13th, when it’s all behind you; you may need extra rest and sleep, which is okay! Take time to recuperate, and you’ll be in a great position to finish the year on a high note.

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