Scorpio Tarot Reading 2023


Here is a look at your Scorpio Tarot Reading 2023.

Knight of Swords Reversed implies trouble brewing in your love life or close relationships. Watch your tongue and be careful what you say, else you may find yourself dealing with regret and unfavorable consequences.

Someone close to you thinks you are in over your head professionally. They may even encourage you to make changes you honestly don’t want to make. Going against their wishes could create conflict, but you must learn to stand up for yourself and know what is best for you. Otherwise, you will always allow someone else to live your life for you – which is not a typical Scorpio trait.

You may find yourself having to operate from the background or shadows. Know that you can’t hide what you’re doing forever. Sooner or later, someone will find out, and it’ll make life very uncomfortable when they do.

You may meet someone you enjoy being around but who is ultimately not a good influence on you or your life. You are strongly advised to pay attention to what others gossip about this person and, if it seems not good, to avoid spending much time with them.


The Seven of Pentacles Reversed explains that you have been putting a lot of hard work into your professional life. Just because you may not have seen the payout yet, doesn’t mean that payout isn’t coming. This card is notorious for being about slowing down and things taking their sweet old time to come to fruition.

The card does remind us that what we put into motion must come to completion. This is extremely important as it’s mainly referring to your thinking and thought process. In other words, be careful what you think and do your best to correct negative, harmful, or faulty thinking as soon as you notice it is occurring.

If you can travel for work or to do some work outdoors, it would be wise to agree to such things.


The Hermit indicates that family or friends will see you as a “teacher” at various points throughout the year. With your keen intuition and a higher level of awareness, you will be put into unique positions to advise those closes to you. Whereas some people still have a lot to learn, this card indicates you see your friends and family clearly and understand their strong and weak points equally.

You may need a good deal of “self” time or “alone” time throughout the year. Just remember communication and socializing are essential to being well-rounded and grounded. Sometimes you might need to force yourself to attend certain events because you don’t want to. If you aren’t there, however, you lose out on the chance to make essential connections that can significantly enhance your life in the future.

General Astrological Advice for Scorpio in 2023

The Five of Cups Reversed informs you that this is a good year to focus on healing from the past. In 2022 you no doubt had to put some difficult situation or person behind you. This year is about processing that and thoroughly ensuring you are healed emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

This is an excellent year for communication. Pluto is moving through your solar 3rd house up to March 24th and again after June 13th placing a lot of transformative energy on communication, foundational education, and even publishing. Remember that foundational education is when you teach or study the basics of any subject. If you have siblings, they may seek your insights or help, which you are free to give. Just remember you are not responsible for them or the decisions they end up making.

Your home is a crucial place this year. If you are planning to move, it would be best to do it between March 24th and June 13th. Otherwise, you should wait until next year to make big moves. It’s also possible an elderly family member needs your help, insight, or attention at some point this year.

Children can be a source of confusion this year. On the one hand, they may help you become more structured. Yet, on the other hand, they may end up wrapping you around their finger and controlling and manipulating you. Don’t be afraid to wear the hat of the disciplinarian if you need to, but make sure you see things clearly before handing out rulings and consequences.

In the early part of the year, you could get some good news about your job/career or even your health. Likewise, relationships and partnerships will be significant to you this year, if not a bit sporadic and filled with surprises. You could find yourself engaged one moment or celebrating your honeymoon and the next moment sleeping in separate bedrooms. You could strike an outstanding business deal one day and then feel your partner is trying to pull a fast one on you. Straightforward and open communication is required all year long, especially with anyone you see as a “partner,” regardless of whether we are speaking romantic or professionally.

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