Sagittarius Tarot Reading 2023


Here is a look at Sagittarius Tarot Reading 2023, starting with love and relationships.

Six of Swords Reversed says a love or relationship problem from the past is likely to return at some point this year. You may have thought it was long behind you, and it may be disheartening at first to realize that’s not the case. However, this is your chance to finally resolve this problem, fix it, and truly let go of it.

For many of you, this will be an ex wanting to return to your life. For others, it will be a problem in your marriage or close relationship that you thought was resolved but was just buried and forgotten about. It just goes to show we can’t run away from our problems. If we don’t face them head-on, sooner or later, they will return and force us to deal with them.


Queen of Wands Reversed falling here lets us know two different things.

First, there is a woman you work with or will be working with that is short-tempered and a flat-out liar. Any interaction with her is bound to fail and should be avoided. Worst, if you get on her wrong side, she may start gossiping about you, which, though annoying, wouldn’t be the end of the world. Trust me, most people know her character, and few would believe anything she tells them.

Second, you will likely meet a female who is intuitive, strong-willed, physically active, and vicarious. She will probably have blond hair, though it could also be light brown. This woman either is a good friend returning into your life or will become a good friend. Just remember to take her in small doses, or she may be a bit overwhelming sometimes.


The Chariot here tells us that your friends and family will have some new respect for you by the end of the year. Most of them will finally see you as controlling your life and destiny.

You may be doing some traveling by car this year too. We’re not talking about running errands, but are speaking of a vacation, most likely out of state. Thankfully, the Chariot almost always implies that your vehicle is in good shape and capable of making the journey.

Sometimes when the Chariot shows up, it has a strong military or police connection to it. For some, that could indicate a traffic ticket or formal police investigation. Still, for others, it may imply communicating with someone in the military or police force about an opportunity or for general information that is valuable later.

General Astrological Advice for Sagittarius in 2023

Jupiter is moving through your solar 5th house until May 1st. That makes this an excellent time for gambling and taking risks. It is also a great time for working with kids and helping them solve problems and learn new things.

After May 1st, Jupiter moves into your solar 6th house along with Uranus. Sudden sparks of insight may come out of nowhere while these two planets are here. Additionally, you can expect your intuitive abilities to be much more robust and on point. This is an excellent time to work on health matters, including weight loss and general conditioning.

Your solar 4th house has Saturn and Neptune visiting it all year long. Saturn is at home here and should create a structured and stable home environment. Yes, Neptune brings illusions, so you may not see your home as it is, but that doesn’t have to be bad. Neptune is also responsible for big dreams, and with Saturn here, this could be the optimal year for settling down or even creating a family.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and destruction, starts in your 2nd house and is there until around March 24th. Finances or careers could make some surprising twists and turns. Pluto in Capricorn encourages you to work hard, ignore the gossip, and do your best. Avoid trying to cut corners or being lazy. Doing so could set you back or even create a situation where you must start at the bottom again.

Pluto then moves into your solar 3rd house. Be careful of conflicts with siblings, especially the oldest, during this time. If there are no siblings, ask which friends feel like siblings. You may see those conflicts develop there. Of course, we are talking about Pluto, so even if there are conflicts, the purpose will ultimately be to create a better relationship. It may be painful getting there. At least finances are back on track for the time being. Additionally, pressures surrounding a career may decrease too.

On June 13th, Pluto moves back into your solar 2nd house, and we return to a financial and career focus for the rest of the year. This doesn’t mean, as previously stated, that this has to be bad. You need to stay focused and on task to not get behind or forget important things.

From a tarot perspective, The Tower shows up here. This typically brings with it sudden and shocking changes. Sometimes those changes end up being good, and sometimes, they are painful. Regardless, the Tower always reminds us that whatever is being torn down is so it can be rebuilt into something better. It’s very Pluto-like in that manner. Sometimes this card also represents a change in authority in your life, which often plays out with a new boss, career position, or responsibilities.

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