Pisces Tarot Reading 2023


This is the Pisces Tarot Reading 2023, starting with love and relationships.

The Chariot Reversed says you have little to no control over your love life and relationships this year. It is trying to tell you that it’s in your best interest not to try to control or manipulate your love life or relationships. This includes recommendations to avoid emotional manipulation.

It would be best if you connected deeply and emotionally with your partner. Yet, this year, you’ll find that most of the people you attract to you are dealing with severe emotional problems. This prevents them from forming that emotional connection with you that you deeply crave.

Understand that you aren’t here to heal or fix the world. The sooner you can walk away from that self-image and idea, the better off and happier you’ll be. It’s time to find a healthy mate who supports you and doesn’t have much emotional baggage left to work through.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone like that already, perhaps it’s time to let them take control. Maybe it’s time you step back and allow them to take over and tell you what you need to do or even how you need to do it. Your only job is being willing to follow their lead and not letting your ego get hurt.


The Ten of Pentacles Reversed tells you there will be some problems at work this year. Most of these problems will be financial. For example, your company may need more money or help to pay employees on time. It’s also possible that there is a great deal of internal conflict between various people that work where you work. Do your best to stay out of the line of fire and get your job/work done.

This card also informs you that you have much to gain and learn from older individuals involved in the same field of work as you. Consider reaching out to them, being friendly, and asking important questions to get their answers and insights. It may surprise you and ultimately help you.

Finally, for all of 2023, this card advises only attending work-related gatherings and social events if you must be present. In that case, show up, do what needs to be done, and then take your leave.


The Five of Cups lets you know that the ones you trust most will disappoint you or make you feel betrayed sooner or later. It’s important not to think about these matters from a perspective of regret or hatred, as doing so doesn’t help and, most of the time ends up making you feel worse than you already felt.

Many times when this card appears, a relationship is lost. In this case, it would be a close friendship or someone in your family with whom you feel the connection is lost. If this happens, take time to grieve, process, and deal with your feelings.

As a side note, it’s essential to understand that anytime something is lost, the majority of the time, it tends to be temporary. Sooner or later, people usually come to their senses and open themselves up to working through the problems. In some cases, that’s weeks; in other cases, it can be a year, depending on how stubborn and resentful both parties are.

General Astrological Advice for Pisces for 2023

You will likely develop some new and vital friendships this year. Pluto moves through your solar 11th house until March 24th and again after June 13th. These new friendships could be with powerful and influential people or even secret groups, gangs, clubs, societies, or organizations.

Additionally, old friendships will need to be released and allowed to go on their way. After all, you’ll have to make room for the upcoming new people or groups.

From March 24th until June 3rd, Pluto moves through your solar 12th house. This marks an excellent time for meditation or anything involving inner self-work. It’s also a time when spiritual insights may be easy to see and understand and thus apply to your life. Avoid one-night stands or secret sexual involvements, as they likely will come back to haunt you.

With Neptune moving through your solar 1st house, we know that this is a year of great creativity and imagination. If you are an artist, actor, or musician, this is an excellent year for making tremendous progress with your art form. It would be best if you learned how to keep secrets, though.

Remember only to share important information about your goals and plan with those you trust and know well. It’ll keep others from subconsciously attempting to sabotage you.

You may feel quite a bit of pressure this year to take on more personal responsibility in your life or your family’s life. It’s okay to be withdrawn this year. It may help you stay grounded and focused. You do need to work on finding a new direction, though. It would be best if you also were willing to work towards that new direction, which undoubtedly will force you back into the public. Take breaks away from society to recharge as you need to.

Regardless of your profession, this is an excellent year to be optimistic about business, work, career, and financial affairs. You want to ensure you’re enjoying your hard-earned money and spending it on yourself and some of the things you want, not just need. Suppose you find yourself running short on cash. In that case, this is an excellent year to request loans and financing, though consider carefully before jumping into such a deal.

Real estate, food, farming, and building are some of the other areas you can have great success this year, especially from a financial perspective.

Consider using your home or bedroom as a personal retreat space where the focus is primarily on resting, meditating, or some spiritual practice.

Your tarot card for general advice is Judgment. This card tells you to consider your past deeds and efforts carefully because you will reap what you have sowed this year. For most of you, this will be a happy time with new beginnings. For a few, this indicates dealing with unpleasant consequences due to past behaviors, thinking, and destructive or harmful actions.

Sometimes when this card appears, something from the past returns that must be dealt with before life can begin moving forward again.

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