Libra Tarot Reading 2023


For the Libra Tarot Reading 2023, the Queen of Cups Reversed tells us a few things about the upcoming year.

First, if you are single, this card indicates you may be meeting someone emotional, sensitive, intuitive, and nurturing. There is a strong possibility of a romantic relationship developing between you two. If you are already married or involved, this card instructs you both to be more sensitive to the needs of each other. Especially if you want the relationship to strengthen and grow.

On the other hand, this card sometimes represents a selfish, over-emotional, and manipulative female. Whoever this woman is, she may attempt to cause some trouble in your love life or within your relationships. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or already involved. It’s essential to steer clear of her. You and your partner (or potential partner) must have a rule. You’ll talk to each other openly and honestly before you believe anything someone else may say about you two.


The Magician says that you are feeling extra creative when it comes to work and finances. This year, there is ample opportunity to achieve your desires as long as you stay focused. You can be put in some leadership position this year, and such a position, even if the thought of which is scary, could benefit you in the long game. This card also indicates the importance of staying organized and up-to-date on administrative tasks.


The Hermit Reversed shows up whenever there are important life lessons we aren’t learning. So the question becomes, what are you supposed to learn this year regarding friends and family? Are there specific patterns you find yourself or them repeating that need to change?

It’s also important not to refuse guidance from others this year, especially regarding topics associated with friends and family. This guidance may come from a mentor, teacher, authority figure, co-worker, or anyone. While you may be tempted to roll your eyes, you are advised to take a deep breath and let their insights, criticism, and critique settle. You can use this information to empower yourself moving forward.

General Astrological Advice for Libra in 2023

The Five of Cups is a separation, loss, and divorce card. This may or may not mean this is occurring with a romantic partner. The truth is, it can happen in any area of your life. The critical thing to understand is that when something is lost, it’s typically because that’s what is needed to “move your life story forward.” Your task is to avoid becoming depressed by the loss and see it as an opportunity for growth.

If you have living parents, Pluto moving through your solar 4th house may imply that you are butting heads with them this year, OR they are dealing with some type of crisis. For some, this placement will mean a house or home being destroyed, damaged, or needing some repair work. It could also imply a significant move (from one location to another) in your personal or professional life.

From March 2nd until June 13th Pluto is moving through your solar 5th house. There are better times for taking risks. Thus you are advised to avoid risk-taking and gambling at all costs during this period.

Day-to-day work is primarily stable. It’s possible some of you reading will feel restrictions in your life when it comes to or because of work. Still, most of you will feel a greater sense of stability as it’s associated with the work environment.

Jupiter passes through your solar 7th house until May 1st. If you are single, the first part of the year is an excellent time to seek out a new mate and be flirtatious. Don’t be afraid of friendly and witty banter or competition. It’s a great way to connect with or even bond with a potential mate.

There may be some unexpected bad news from a government institution at some point before the end of the year. Make an effort to take the information in strides and not become obsessed with it or over-anxious about it. As the old saying goes, “this too shall pass.”

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