Leo Tarot Reading 2023


This Leo Tarot Reading 2023 offers insights for the upcoming year, beginning with Love and Relationships.

The Knight of Swords Reversed implies that communication within a relationship may decline. This may signal the ending of a relationship soon to come. If you are not involved with anyone, the card likely indicates difficulties starting a new romance due to past hurt and trauma.

Of course, it’s possible to overcome the situation in both cases. If you are married or involved with someone and communication isn’t what it once was, consider doing something new, unusual, and different with your partner. If single, the best way to do healing work is to communicate or write about the past relationship that has caused so much pain or trauma. The more you tell your story, the better you process it, and the easier it is to release and be prepared for the new.

This card warns that it’s essential to avoid a person who acts juvenile or younger than their actual age. This person is likely an ex and has been gossiping about you or the former relationship. It would be best to avoid getting caught up in any drama this individual is attempting to create.


The Knight of Cups informs us that there will be new beginnings at some point this year as it relates to your career or finances. These new beginnings are bound to bring uplifting and positive emotions back into your life – especially if you’ve been in a rut.

Look for a generous, warm, and gentle young man to advise and guide you concerning work, career, or finances. It’s essential to listen to him and not criticize his thinking. Criticism, if not handled carefully, will cause him to retreat and withdraw from any interactions with you.


The Four of Wands tells us that a friend or family member is likely to marry or get involved in a serious relationship that is good for them. You must be supportive of them and their plans.

Expect a good number of social gatherings this year. These may be with old friends or new ones. It could be a family get-together or reunion. These social events should not be avoided, for they serve as both an escape from the mundane, chaotic world and an opportunity to allow some fun and laughter.

You may find yourself remolding your home or property this year. If that is the case, this is a good plan, and it looks like you will be happy with and proud of the results.

General Astrological Advice for Leo in 2023

According to the Death card, this entire year is about change and transformation for you and your life. While making significant changes may feel uncomfortable, until you face your fears, you will likely feel “stuck.” Once you finally commit to facing your fears and are willing to make essential changes, you will see the progress you’ve longed for.

Until March 6th, much of your focus will be on how to serve others best. Don’t neglect this! Service is integral to building a reputation and connections that can assist you later. Around March 6th, there is a slight change as the focus zooms in on your romantic love life and relationships. Your attention will stay on love and relationships until June 13th, when you will need to return to focusing on service to others.

At various times through this year, things may appear or feel “bigger” than you’re used to. When it comes to big projects and opportunities, it’s essential to stay grounded and keep both feet on the ground. This may prove to be more complicated than you think. Neptune will be in your solar 8th house all year, which brings illusions and confusion regarding “big ideas” or “joint resources.” It’s essential to have a person or two who is optimistic but honest and straightforward with whom you can bounce ideas. This act of communicating with them will help you stay centered and grounded.

It’s possible you could travel more than you were planning to do this year. Jupiter moves through your solar 9th house until around May 17th. This can bring travel opportunities. If such opportunities arise, you are advised to take them if possible, as they may benefit you personally and professionally. If you are not physically traveling, you may get lost in a philosophy, psychology, or religious belief system you are exploring. Once again, these new ideas and concepts may aid you professionally and personally.

You have a shot at making quite a bit of money this year. You can make enough money before the end of the year to finally feel a sense of stability. Pay attention to your intuition and the sudden flashes of insights that come to you. Be prepared to note them down, so you don’t forget them. Remember to come back to these ideas and put them into action. Doing so promises to be quite rewarding for you.

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