Gemini Tarot Reading 2023


Here is the Gemini Tarot Reading 2023, starting with love and relationships.

The Six of Swords tells us that if you’ve been having problems in your love life or with a relationship, this will be a good year to move beyond it. One way to do that may be through travel. If single, consider a singles cruise this year or participating in a singles tour group. It may be the spark you need to find “the right one.” If involved in a relationship, a trip together, especially a long distant trip, could help the two of you mend broken fences or ignite a flame that has appeared to die down.


This year you will likely find yourself looking for something better than what you currently have. It’s a good year for you to do so. The Eight of Cups says this is an excellent year to “move on” – even if what you have is fulfilling or joyous. Sometimes it’s not the job that is wrong or even the money that is wrong. Sometimes we need a fresh start. That may be a new job or career, but it could also be a new position in your current company. If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, this may mean adding a new product or service to your lineup that is different from your current offerings.

You’ll also find this an excellent year to bring on an assistant, staff member, freelancer, bookkeeper, accountant, or anyone capable of helping you free up time. Do this so you can focus on your own life or have more time to commit to the stuff in your career that matters.


Expect someone in your group or friends or family to deal with severe emotional issues at some point this year. The Chariot Reversed implies that at least one person in your circle is about to lose some control over their emotions and life. Your interactions with them may be needed to restore balance and harmony.

Likewise, be sure to monitor your own emotions this year. Taking a break when needed or talking to someone who can help when they appear to be reaching a point of being unbearable.

Additionally, be prepared for automobile issues this year. It may be time for a new car, or you may need to have the one you currently use tuned up.

Someone in your circle may have a run-in with the police or get involved with the military. It’s hard to say if this is for the best or not. Just be prepared to lend your listening ear and provide the great advice you usually give.

General Astrological Advice for Gemini in 2023

Generally speaking, the Page of Wands informs us that this year is a great year to start something new career-wise. It’s also possible you are getting some business offers this year that will be very promising.

It’s essential to make plans and follow through with them. The more structured and organized you can keep yourself, the more smoothly this year flows.

Expect good news concerning money at some point this year too. It appears you are getting some extra cash at some point this year that you weren’t expecting.

You may spend time or work with a quiet child this year. This particular child has quite the imagination but is introverted and shy. You may be in the child’s life to help them express their creativity and build confidence to interact with others.

Returning for a moment to friends, despite what has been previously mentioned, there are still lots of good times and laughter to come with them. You may even end up in a lucky predicament because of one or more of them. So this is not a year to ditch friends, but a year of becoming closer to them.

Your mind, both the conscious and subconscious, is working overtime this year. This is an excellent year for manifesting and working with the law of attraction. Understand, however, that specific thoughts may be counterproductive, and you are learning to have better control over those thoughts this year. Don’t forget positive thinking is always more powerful than negative. Practice replacing your harmful thoughts with opposite positive ones and watch how fast your manifesting ability improves and your life transforms.

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