Capricorn Tarot Reading 2023


Here is the Capricorn Tarot Reading 2023, starting with love and relationships.

Nine of Swords Reversed here implies that previous problems in your love life should diminish as you move through this year. Though these problems may not be completely gone yet, they’re getting a lot better than they were.

As a side note, this card also strongly advises evaluating your sleep patterns. Are you getting enough quality sleep? If not, what can you do to improve? Lack of sleep may result in extra stress and anxiety, which can quickly escalate within the context of relationships into senseless battles and arguments that otherwise would have been avoided.


The Death card is almost always seen as scary, but it shouldn’t be. Death means that the old gives way to something new and different. We all will experience thousands of “mini deaths” in our lifetime. Those can range from separations to a well-loved brand closing and no longer existing. Even the ending of a favorite T.V. show can result in the feelings we usually associate with death.

It’s no surprise, then, that when changes must occur at work, it can also feel like a death. Perhaps a new boss is stepping in, or a beloved co-worker is transferring elsewhere. Maybe you’re being moved from one location to another.

Regardless, understand that “death” is a natural part of life. When endings come, it only means new beginnings are right around the corner. So we can grieve what we’re losing, but we should be excited for what is to come – and in your case, this is especially true as it relates to your career or money.


Ace of Swords Reversed says it’s time to bounce ideas off family and friends. They may help you take your thoughts and start turning them into something more realistic so they can become part of reality instead of just staying in your head.

This may mean you might start or look into creating some business before the end of the year. It could be one that a few friends or family members may help you out.

The only thing to remember is that everything will take time. Don’t be in a rush to get to the finish line. Take your time communicating and planning and putting it into action, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the result. If you (or they) try to hurry and rush things, you’ll likely never see it through to completion.

General Astrological Advice for Capricorn in 2023

This looks to be a big year for you, Capricorn. With Pluto moving through your solar first house not once but twice this year, you can expect a great deal of change and transformation in your life. This change and transformation will likely take place internally and in your external world. In other words, you may have to become a new person this year. You may need to develop new values, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions radically different from what they previously were.

Pluto also manages to move through your solar 2nd house from around the end of March to June 13th. When it does so, you discover the need for significant changes in your career and financial life. It’s essential to attempt to make those changes before June 13th, as Pluto will more easily work with you than if you wait for it to leave your solar second house.

Communication may take work for you this year. Saturn, the planet of restriction, travels through your third house along with Neptune. This indicates illusions and limitations as it relates to communications with others. I.E., people may tell you one thing, but you may think you are hearing something very different. Likewise, it’s easier for the reverse to happen where you tell people something, and they totally misinterpret it. As such, you might want to double-check to ensure others understand you, especially when speaking on essential topics.

One fantastic thing this year is that Jupiter will be in your solar 4th house until May 1st. This makes the home and family far more harmonious than when the planet is not there. If there are conflicts about or at home, they will either be minor or easy to correct and get back on track.

If you want children, this is an excellent year to “try for them.” After May 1st, Jupiter moves through your solar 5th house, making sex, sexuality, and flirtatiousness a focal point. Not only is it a focal point, but you’ll find you are more… shall we say… persuasive right now. There is an ability to entrance others with your charm, and this can make it easier to co-create children. Even if you do not want a child, this placement is also suitable for having fun with children and having fun in general. So be sure to take advantage of this transit!

The Nine of Pentacles also shows up here. This is a great year to focus on personal happiness. If you’ve been sacrificing for others, it may be time to step back and put yourself first for once. This may involve spending more time outdoors or away from people that consume your energy consistently. It’s okay to do things alone. Sometimes more happiness comes from enjoying something on your own instead of enjoying it with someone who just isn’t into what you’re into.

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