Cancer Tarot Reading 2023


Here is the Cancer Tarot Reading 2023, starting with Love and Relationships.

The Hierophant tells us that tradition is essential regarding love and relationships. Though, as a society, we are trying to get away from traditional gender roles and especially stereotypes, the Hierophant very much implies an “old fashioned” approach to love and romance. In this approach, it is one where the man pursues (or needs to), and the woman plays hard to get (or should).

This card also tells us that structure and organization are essential for love and relationships. As someone already involved in a relationship, you must plan things out together as a couple. Not doing so may result in relationship difficulties. As a single person, you need to plan which nights you are going out to try to meet someone and stick to those plans as much as possible.

Sometimes we see this card come up when two people are getting ready to move in with each other. If you are already living with your significant other, this doesn’t apply to you. The same can be said if you are single. Suppose you are involved with someone and have considered taking this giant step in your relationship. In that case, this card implies that now is the time to do so.


Temperance Reversed indicates that career and finances may feel unbalanced at various times throughout the year. You may also encounter block after block while trying to do your job. The key is not to panic or become overly irritated or frustrated. Know that when we often turn our attention away from the block, the block manages to dissolve itself. Even if it doesn’t, we end up in a better place mentally and emotionally to deal with it.


The Moon tells you that new friendships are on the way this year. You may find yourself especially drawn to new female friends. Likewise, they may feel drawn to you too. Additionally, you’ll find that you have an almost “psychic” link to your friends (both old and new) and family this year. It’s as if you know what they need even before they know it!

It’s essential to determine what “links” are good for you and which ones to reduce or even remove entirely from your life. Staying focused and getting this done puts you in the best possible position. It also adds value to those connections and links you want to keep.

General Astrological Advice for Cancer in 2023

The Five of Wands Reversed indicates that at some point this year, you will likely find yourself dealing with struggle and conflict as it centers on family, friends, or relationships. It’s important to understand that being objective is typically a good thing. Still, in your case, with these struggles and conflicts, if you attempt to stay neutral, it will only make all sides upset and angry. So, what’s being said, is that at some point this year, a side will need to be chosen, and you’ll need to figure out a way to stay loyal to it.

Jupiter is moving through your solar 10th and 11th house this year. This means “good luck” awaits you in your career and friendship. Despite what may have already been said, with Jupiter passing through your solar 10th house until May 1st, you will have gained a status and reputation boost. This only aids you in your chosen career path.

Jupiter will settle down in your solar 11th house on May 1st and be there for the rest of the year. It is joining Uranus, a plane that isn’t exactly known for its stability. Expect friendships to come and go this year. Expect some unique and perhaps even unusual friends to enter your life and bring some eccentrics to life.

Pluto is moving through your solar 7th house until March 2nd and again from June 13th through the rest of the year. Pluto destroys and transforms. In this case, relationships, family, and friendships are somehow torn apart. Pluto only tears up what it intends to rebuild, though. Thus, those relationships that get torn apart have great potential to be even better in the future. This is especially true if those relationships are family oriented. In romantic relationships, you may get involved with someone and break up, only to discover that you were better off together than apart.

It’s a good idea to work on not being judgmental this year. Saturn and Neptune are both moving through your solar 9th house. This house is usually associated with cultures, education, philosophy, and other belief systems. Those may be making dramatic changes this year. Still, if they do, you’ll find that seeing the world from a new perspective is much better than what you may have realized.

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