Aries Tarot Reading 2023


In this Aries Tarot Reading 2023, we will look at several topics.

When it comes to your love life or intimate relationships, The Lover’s Reversed implies that you must reconsider if your current situation is good for you. This can only be done by taking a deep look inside and spending quality time alone to think through things. You must determine what you regret about your current situation and figure out your action plan for constructively dealing with it.

Of course, if you are happy, nothing needs to change. However, the Lover’s Reversed typically implies something is off (whether major or minor) and needs to be carefully thought about before making any decisions.


The Six of Swords Reversed tells us that you will be tempted to look backward at some point this year. You may get a call from a former boss or co-worker offering you a new position, or you may find yourself daydreaming about what used to be but is no more. In both cases, the indication is that neither is healthy for you. This is one case where the past should firmly stay in the past.

At the same time, you may find pressures at work or in your career increasing throughout the year. This may tempt you to make drastic career changes. While I can’t tell you not to do it, I can tell you that you need to evaluate the situation carefully. For some of you, this will be an opportunity of a lifetime. For others, it will be “fake news” that serves only to divert you from what was a promising career path. When in doubt, seek the help and advice of someone you trust to help you make that decision.

I’m sorry to tell some of you that you will likely lose your job at some point this year. This could be because a company is sold or closed, and you are no longer needed, or it could be because of mistakes you made. Regardless, if this does occur, it is not a time for sulking or being depressed. A new opportunity will be available for you, and it will be better than the one you left behind.


The Ace of Swords tells us that communication is picking up between you and family or friends (if not both). You may find yourself starting something new business-related, technological-related, or educational-related with them.

Around June, there may be a shakeup in your relationship with friends or family. As long as lines of communication are kept open, this doesn’t appear to be a significant problem. If those lines of communication fall apart, you may lose a good friend, or back far away from a family you once were close to.

General Astrological Advice for Aries in 2023

You appear to be blessed with luck, at least for the first part of the year. You should be feeling better about yourself and your life.

Around the middle of May, you will find you have a fantastic ability to be in the right place at the right time. Just be sure to take advantage of it! Your mind appears to be much more focused this year—many thoughts and goals you find easier to manifest and bring into your life. Expect sudden insights into financial matters.

This year, a central theme is learning to divide your time between work and play effectively. The better you can do this, the happier you’ll find yourself.

According to Temperance Revered, you or someone close to you may be dealing with an unexpected illness this year. Should that occur, you’ll need good time management skills and the support of immediate family or friends. The most likely time frame for this would be July or August when Mars is moving through your sixth solar house.

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