Aquarius Tarot Reading 2023


Aquarius Tarot Reading 2023 looks at what Aquarius can look forward to in 2023, starting with love and relationships.

The Five of Wands Reversed implies that you should avoid arguments and conflicts this year. It says that in love or relationship matters, you will not have the upper hand in them, and they will not go the way you desire them to.

This card further tells us that your relationships need significant changes. It’s essential to think about doing things differently. Anything that changes up the old patterns will be good moving forward. This is also true if you’re single. You need to change your routines and interact with the world differently if single. Perhaps go to new places, hang out with different people, or try some experiences you’ve never tried before. Anything that creates change will help restructure and improve your relationships and love life.


The King of Pentacles indicates a man you will work with at some point this year. He is a hard worker and sees things through to completion. He is also patient and understands that things sometimes take time to materialize and work out.

This man is not stupid, especially regarding finances, business, and money situations. As such, he can offer you excellent advice, provided you are willing to listen and apply what he tells you.


The Ace of Pentacles Reversed tells us that new beginnings are taking place for friends or close family members this year. Those new beginnings may be either spiritual or financial. Thus, they could involve a new career, job, or even business. Since this card is reversed, you can help your friend understand that just because things don’t happen as fast as we want them to doesn’t mean they won’t happen at all.

Suppose your friend or family member is capable of staying patient and consistent. In that case, this card implies that they’ll eventually have prosperity and material gains. Thus, you can contribute to their success simply by encouraging them not to give up on their dreams and goals. If you play your cards right, your encouragement or help may result in a “reward” later.

Also, know that a friend or family member may overspend this year. You can help them get their financial spending under control. Still, the truth is, unless they want the help, they’ll likely pull away from you and possibly end any ties they have to you. So consider carefully if you need to give advice and suggestions regarding their bad spending habits.

General Astrological Advice for Aquarius in 2023

With Pluto moving through your solar 12th house until March 24th and again from June 13th until the end of the year, it is an excellent time to focus on the subconscious mind. Hypnosis, meditation, or counseling can assist with transforming unwanted subconscious thoughts and memories into more constructive and helpful ones.

From March 24th until June 13th, Pluto moves through your solar 1st house. Expect your psychic abilities and intuition to be heightened, more active, and more accurate. You may also discover that your appearance undergoes a necessary change or transformation.

Saturn and Neptune make their way through your solar 2nd house this year. Expect there to be subtle changes regarding money and possessions. Your imagination can be a strong ally that helps you determine the best ways to improve your financial bottom line. Discipline will be needed, however.

At the same time, expect an increase in financial or business responsibilities. You’ll need to be more frugal with your resources for the time being. Don’t worry. That changes next year, but for now, it’s all about saving. That’s not to say you can’t have a good time now and again or help someone else. Still, those things must always be carefully evaluated before jumping into them.

Until May 1st, you should find it easier to have a positive attitude and unified communication with others. Siblings, neighbors, and close friends you’ll mainly find it easy to be happier around.

After May 1st, the focus becomes incorporating religious, psychological, educational, and philosophical values into your life and those closest to you. Take it slow, however. Not everyone will be so eager to embrace these new thoughts and ideas.

You’ll also discover that you want more personal freedom in your home and family life this year. Other family members may unconsciously hold you back or act as a dark cloud over your dreams and desires. Know when to back away and just “let it go” vs. when to engage in constructive conversations with them. Suppose you can’t have productive discussions. In that case, you’re better off avoiding the subject and giving them as little energy as possible.

The Seven of Cups tells us that you’ll have many choices and paths open this year. It would be wise to dip your toes into each pathway and see how it feels before deciding if you want to commit too much time and energy to it. Practicality is your keyword, and if you have trouble being practical, you need to enlist either a friend or family member that is practical to help you out. Only then will you be capable of determining which pathway ultimately your best option is moving forward.

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