Psychic Reading - Preparing for a Psychic Session

Psychic Reading – Preparing for a Psychic Session

Receiving a Successful Clairvoyant Reading

Many people, especially those new to the psychic field, wonder how to get a psychic reading. While many intuitive readers are eager to book an appointment, few professionals take the time to explain the right procedure for receiving a psychic reading.

Relax Before a Psychic Reading

For a psychic or clairvoyant to connect with a client, that client must be in a relaxed state. Several professional psychics will help or recommend that their clients perform a short meditation, progressive relaxation, or prayer before a session begins.

When an intuitive reader connects, they are working primarily with the energy of their client. If that energy is chaotic, stressed out, or in a panic, those feelings may interfere with a psychic’s ability to accurately receive information. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but this is true for most card readers and clairvoyants.

Likewise, suppose a client could take the time to do a progressive relaxation or even mediate before a psychic reading. It will help the energies within the room be more calm, relaxed, and at ease, which may very well help create a more favorable environment for spirit guides.

Be Open Minded During the Psychic Reading

When a psychic is connecting in a session, they may not be “right on” about everything. That doesn’t mean they aren’t close, and it doesn’t mean that the information may not be important at some point in the future. A client doesn’t have to volunteer information to a reader, but a client does need to be open-minded enough to register what is being said.

The job of an intuitive reader is to pass along the information they receive. Recognize that a psychic is a human being and will make mistakes in interpreting the information they receive. The information may be correct, but the clairvoyant may be misinterpreting it.

Most professional psychics do encourage open-minded skepticism as this keeps a client from blindly following everything they hear. Intuitive advice should be taken as food for thought and not law. Understanding how psychic fraud works and how it is different from a real psychic session is important. Understanding the process a person takes in developing psychic abilities is also important.

Learn to Listen to the Psychic Reader

During a session, unless a direct question is asked, it’s best to not say anything. A professional psychic, unless performing a spiritual counseling session, shouldn’t be asking too many questions. Sometimes, a few questions can help keep the intuitive reader on track. Too many questions and a client will feel as though the reader is fishing for information and performing cold reading techniques.

Sit with the arms and legs uncrossed, as crossing the arms and legs is a defensive body posture that can shut a psychic down before the session even begins. This shut down can happen either literally, because the energy is being blocked, or because the reader is registering the defensiveness unconsciously.

At All Times Be Honest With the Psychic Reader

It’s also important to be truthful during a session. Being open minded is not the same as lying or accepting everything as fact. It’s okay to indicate that the information isn’t making sense right now or that it would be helpful to have more information.

Try to avoid directly saying the word “No” when possible. “No” carries such a strong negative vibration for so many people that most psychics aren’t sure how to handle it when a client utters that word. For many professional psychics, it’s like slamming a door in their face.

Record the Information of the Psychic Reading

Always write down information that is said during a session. If possible, use a recorder to tape it. Most people have a short attention span and difficulty remembering. These clients won’t remember many of the things which are said or discussed during a psychic reading. Problem is, most psychics are distant future predictors. This means that the majority of professional psychics that are doing future oriented readings see five, sometimes ten years or more into the future. There’s almost no way to measure accuracy without keeping notes.

It’s always nice when those future oriented readers can keep things to a few months or a few years out. Even then, having a record of the session is important as it allows a client to refer back to what is said. Additionally, if a client decides to see multiple clairvoyants, they then have a way to measure which information seems to be consistent.

Ask Good Questions During the Psychic Reading

Finally, asking good questions can really help to keep the psychic session focused and on track. The more focused the client the more focused the psychic and their reading. Good questions generally are specific and open ended.

  • Try “What if” questions. They allow the intuitive reader to make the most of their gifts.
  • Avoid timing questions unless it’s specific. It’s better to ask “Will the house sell within three months?” as opposed to “Will the house ever sell?”
  • A client shouldn’t ask “yes/no” questions unless they really want to hear the answer.
  • Asking private information about another person is unethical and is best avoided. It’s okay to ask “What are my boyfriend’s intentions?” It’s not okay to ask “What is the name of the girl he’s cheating on me with?”
  • It’s always okay to ask for the best way to avoid problems and pitfalls

Now that the tips for how to get a reading have been revealed, it’s time to stop letting fear get in the way of receiving one. Not only could the session be fun, but something important just may be learned.

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