Numerology Number 9 – The Humanitarian

Numerology Number 9 – The Humanitarian

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Nine

Numerology number 9, the humanitarian, is soft, loving and compassionate. Despite this, holding on to the past may prevent them from moving forward.

The number nine is known in numerology as a symbol of completeness. It represents success and achievement and endings of all types.

The astrological signs Pisces, Scorpio, and Aquarius, make up the typical personality complex of nines. They are represented by the tarot card The World which promotes universal healing.

Both Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi had nine life paths, and it’s from their lives that we can actually understand the loving, compassionate, and generous nature of the number 9.

Aspects of Numerology Number 9’s Personality

The number nine, as has been previously mentioned, is considered the humanitarian. It’s not uncommon for people with a nine personality to want to help the world and the people within their community. Most people born onto a 9 life path are selfless, generous, and tolerant of others.

If a person is born into the life of the number nine, they are here to learn to be understanding of others and to work toward the common good of all. Additional lessons include learning to let go of the past and to forgive others as well as the self. Many times numerologist will say that one of the characteristics of number nine is that they need to learn to clean out their closet. This means that people with a nine path are learning that they must let go of all that they have stored up, forgive, and focus instead on the future.

These individuals have a strong creative side, and often times come across as charming. Additionally, Hans Decoz and Tom Monte in their book Numerology published by Avery Publishing Group in 1994 states on page 31 that the number nine will spend their life trying to realize a Utopian dream, sacrificing money, time, and energy for a better world. It is through giving that much success and satisfaction comes.

Careers that are well suited to nines include interior decorating, lawyer, art, judge, minister, healer, and photography. All of these careers involve some aspect of creative ability or desire for social justice.

If a person seeks to befriend the number nine, they should be advised by a numerologist that many humanitarians have a strong faith in something larger and don’t tolerate their faith being questioned. Additionally, they need to both love and be loved as this is a paramount part of their life lessons.

It’s also important to understand that many people with a nine in their numerology chart will have difficulty making decisions mostly because they don’t want to hurt others. Friends and romantic partners need to understand this and be willing to offer their own opinions and to take charge from time to time.

People born into the number nine are also learning that the realities of life aren’t always as good and great as the dreams are. Supportive friends and romantic partners need to make sure they encourage their number 9 friends and yet help them stay grounded in reality at the same time.

It is because of the realities of life and the need for peace that many numerology number nine people find that they have a strong connection to animals and the natural world. Having a pet is a must for the people that have a number nine 9 life path. It is within this animal companion that they will find they can most easily confide their deepest and truest emotions. Likewise, being out and part of nature will help many find the inner peace that they so much desire.

Summary of Numerology Number 9

The number nine is one of the most loving and caring numbers in numerology. This love and care come from their need to be a humanitarian throughout life. The problem that those born onto the 9 path have is that because of their love and attention for others they tend to hold on to the past and not think enough about where the future can take them. This number is learning to love and be loved and to follow their dreams toward a successful Utopia.


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