Numerology Number 8 – The CEO

Numerology Number 8 – The CEO

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality Traits of Eight

Numerology number 8, the CEO, is perhaps one of the most successful numbers if the person can control their egotism and avoid abuse of power.

In numerology, the number eight is associated with the infinity symbol. This symbol, the figure eight turned on its side, shows the real power of the number eight – infinity and the ability to continue on forever. Eights are typically phenomenal at creating lasting legacies, and most are well remembered long after death.

The two circles of the number eight are also seen as symbolic of the link between heaven and earth. Unlike the person who is considered a seven in numerology, which has mastered the spiritual and should focus on the physical, the eight has mastered the material and would do well to concentrate more on the spiritual aspects of life.

The astrological sign Capricorn primarily makes up the typical personality complex of eight mainly because the sign is focused on work and business. However, some people will look at the negative personality traits of number eight as being more associated with Scorpio.

Positive Aspects of Numerology Number 8’s Personality

Success and power are the two words that numerologist link to numerology number eight. This is not just success on a superficial level, rather it is a success on a financial level! Most people born as a number eight — often called the CEO of numerology — will both gain and lose much money and power over the course of life.

The personality trait of competency is one that nearly all number eights posses. A numerologist knows that if a person wants to get something done right all they have to do is find and bargain with someone that is following the number eight’s path. The CEO will rarely do anything for free, but once the right price has been agreed upon, it can be assured that the task will be completed on time and in a nearly perfect manner

It is because of this strong business-oriented mind that people born onto the CEO path feel at home within the business world. Other careers and fields that are suited for eights include a stockbroker, real estate, the military, law, financial analyst and advisers, archeologist, management, politics, social work, athletics, and anything which involves using power, controlling others and their resources, or mastery of the self.

Perhaps a unique ability is the eight’s talent for being able to size up another person. The person born onto the path of number eight has the capacity to take in an individual they’ve just met, and they can determine that person’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. They’re excellent judges of character and are great when it comes to coaching and honestly evaluating people. Never ask a number eight for their opinion if the hard cold truth will be upsetting or unsettling.

When it comes to the positive aspects of relationships, the CEO is great at providing financial security to their partner. With people that they actually love or admire the number eight can be unselfishly generous and loyally dedicated. Besides, even if the eight were to cheat on their partners, it is highly unlikely that those partners would ever truly find out about each other. Thus, when dating the CEO, it’s best to have a don’t ask/don’t tell policy with them.

In fact, some of the best dating advice when it comes to the CEO is to savor every moment that is spent with this powerful, romantic, and seductive person for they will spoil a date unlike any other. However, when apart, entirely forget them and pretend they never existed. Feelings won’t be hurt as often that way.

Should an eight ask for marriage, they’re almost always serious. At that point, one hardly ever has to worry about losing the CEO’s love, and affection for they have now chosen a partner for life and only in the direst of circumstances will they terminate such an important agreement.

Summary of Positive Traits of Numerology Number 8

With the personality of number eight, we see a strong CEO-type. These individuals seek power and control, and many end up, through dealing with financial loss, with great success and wealth. Those number eight’s that fall onto the path of darkness can be abusive, destructive, and manipulative. Many eight personalities may seek out isolation to deal with guilt if they feel they are not as productive as they could be.

Negative Aspects of Numerology Number 8’s Personality

The number eight personality is the one numerological number where the negative traits can actually outweigh the positive attributes. Most numbers have a fairly even mixture of negative and positive traits, but in the case of the CEO, it’s entirely possible that the negative will end up dominating unless proper dedication is given to walking the path of love and light.

It’s important that numerologist understands that because there is so much attention given to power and control the number eight is the one personality type that can become the most corrupted. Those that avoid walking the path of love and fall into the path of selfishness or those that become egocentric in their needs can develop the characteristics of ruthlessness, prejudice, impatient, anger, intimidation, manipulation, and self-righteousness.

In relationships, the downside of the CEO can become controlling, demanding, sadistic, dominant, and have unintentional and irrational jealousy issues. An eight personality that falls into this mode of think will also usually seek to severely punish (even their mate) for what they feel is wrongdoing or injustice. The abuse cycle can become quite a normal side effect in these cases.

Another downside of the eight’s personality involves repression, isolation, and guilt-ridden feelings of inadequacy. Eights that feel they are not accomplishing anything and are not contributing to the well-being of themselves and others typically seek out isolation to brood and sulk and attempt to deal with their guilty feelings. In cases such of this, it’s best to leave the number eight, alone unless he or she specifically asks for help, which will often never occur.

Summary of the Negative Personality Traits for Numerology Number 8

Numerology’s number eight, from the negative perspective, must always be careful to try to follow a path of love and light, otherwise, they can become obsessed with power and control. Should that obsession get the best of numerology’s CEO, numerologists typically find the number eight dealing with ruthlessness, anger, and a whole host of other nasty traits.

When a number eight falls onto the path of darkness, they can be abusive, destructive, and manipulative. Many eight personalities may seek out isolation to deal with guilt if they feel they are not as productive as they could be.


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