Numerology Number 7 – Truth Seekers

Numerology Number 7 – Truth Seekers

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Seven

Numerology number 7, the truth seeker, is perhaps one of the wisest and most spiritual of the numbers. Despite this, isolation may prevent real success.

The number seven is associated with many symbols. Among the most well-known are the seven chakras and the Masonic symbol of the triangle above a square.

The chakras represent the balance and harmony of the physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual while the triangle above the square represents spiritual matter coming into physical manifestation. This triangle above the square has long been a Masonic symbol and, in fact, can be found in many arcane schools and organizations.

The astrological signs Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo, make up the typical personality complex of sevens, but Sagittarius (also known as the truth seeker) is often falsely associated with the number seven.

Positive Aspects of Numerology Number 7’s Personality

Organization is a trait that all number sevens are learning. A person born into the life of a truth seeker either has excellent organization skills or this person will be learning about organization skills. That’s on the purely physical level; when a numerologist looks at a more spiritual side of the number seven, there is a connection to magical powers and mastering the spiritual side of life.

If a person is born into the life of the number seven, they are here to learn about specialization. It doesn’t matter what the person with a seven in their numerology chart chooses to specialize in, as long as they love what they do and get enjoyment out of it. This individual will experience a degree of inner peace and accomplishment.

Careers that are well suited to sevens include business, science, religion, teaching, and occult matters. All of these careers involve some aspect of research – an activity that’s enjoyed by the average truth seeker seven. The seven possesses a sharp mind that always seeks the truth. Many number sevens possess natural wisdom that other people seek out and most people born as a number seven eventually find that they have some degree of mastery over the spiritual side of life.

If a person wants to befriend the number seven, they should be advised by a numerologist that many truth seekers will require lots of privacy and alone time. The number seven can truly be an active social force to reckon with when rested and at the top of their game, but by the end of the night, sevens need to retreat for several hours — perhaps even days — of isolation.

Finally, sevens actually seek to know and understand the truth of any situation, especially those things which are connected to the mystery of life. This is where their interest and ability for in-depth research comes into play. In the case of any answer that the truth seeker doesn’t know or hasn’t personally experienced, they investigate until they find their own personal truth.

Negative Aspects of Numerology Number 7’s Personality

According to Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard in their book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology published by Amaranth in 1999, “The challenge of the inward seven is to have friends, marriage, or any relationship with another human being.” Isolation is a major stumbling block for the number seven.

This isolation that the number seven seeks is also one of its most disabling traits. Isolation can sometimes go on for days, even weeks and months. Most sevens will claim they are renewing and/or gaining spiritual enlightenment, but the truth seekers are also avoiding the real world.

The fact is, this isolation if the number seven isn’t careful, can develop into paranoia and a hypercritical nature. This will turn people, even friends, away very quickly and as such, many a seven find they are doomed to lead a lonely life. Additionally, in romantic situations, it is the isolation and the need for personal time that will drive a romantic partner crazy.

The number seven may also need to learn to tone down selfish motivation and avoid becoming egocentric. Many sevens will put up a smoke screen and claim that they really aren’t egotistical, but many of the truth seeker’s friends and peers will see right through that smoke screen into the real motivation. A motivation which may be very self-serving. This, of course, isn’t true once the seven reaches a certain level of enlightenment.

Until the number seven learns to handle and maintain good healthy relationships, they will never actually reach their spiritual potential nor will they ever really fully be capable of understanding their inner self.

Summary of Numerology Number 7

The number seven is one of the most spiritual numbers in numerology. This spirituality comes from an innate ability to look and turn their attention inward. The cost of such inner seeking is the lack and loss of good friends and relationships. Truth seekers are learning to develop healthy relationships and organize their lives while maintaining their wisdom and spirituality.


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