Numerology Number 6 – Responsible Martyrs

Numerology Number 6 – Responsible Martyrs

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Six

Numerology number six, the responsible martyr, is learning lessons in both responsibility and family. Discover more about this loving and, at times, unforgiving number.

The symbol for numerology’s number six is a pentagram with an individual standing in the center of it. Each point of the pentagram represents one of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). These are believed to encompass the whole world. With an individual standing in the center of the pentagram there is a feeling that the person is responsible for all aspects of the surrounding world.

The alternative symbolism for six is a pregnant woman with a prominent belly. This symbol denotes the nurturing and love connected to the personality of the number along with the responsibility of caring for family and child.

Positive Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 6

The one keyword beginning numerology students should memorize for numerology number six is responsibility. Of all the numbers, it is numerology number six that is most responsible. This keyword is further expanded upon by the tarot card “The Lovers” – the number six tarot card. The card speaks of the difficulty of making important decisions and the fear of having all the responsibility for making the decision on the six’s shoulders.

The secondary keyword that most numerology students should remember is family. Of all the numbers, it is the number six that usually stays closely tied to and connected to their family. It may be their birth family, or it could be the family they marry in. Many times it is actually both. This is the number where raising the kids and keeping the family together is vital. One could even say that it is part of life’s mission. Almost every number six will marry; it is more a matter of when they will marry rather than if they will marry.

From a romantic perspective, numerology number six has high standards for their partner, but they only have those high standards because they care and they want the best in life for the loved one. Additionally, there’s usually plenty of love and respect to go along with those high standards. If a person is planning to date a number six, one must realize that harmony is incredibly important to this individual. Also, mind the manners, for a standard number six won’t handle swearing and rudeness very well.

From an astrological perspective, the six personality is similar to the combination of a Cancer and a Libra. There is the nurturing and emotional care of the Cancer and the eye for beauty along with diplomacy that one would find in Libra. Both are also family oriented with usually a strong dedication to their family.

Career possibilities for number six include anything that involves healing, teaching, such as an emergency care worker or dispatcher, crisis worker, counselor, or a position in management – in other words, anything where there is a significant amount of responsibility.

Negative Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 6

Knowing that family is one of the most important things to numerology number six makes it easy to understand just how this number can interfere when it comes to family matters. The number six truly desires to help and fix aspects of the family that is broken, the problem is that in attempting to do so they usually end up butting in and interfering.

Friends of the number six should understand that when an issue is mentioned to the number six, they often want to fix that problem. Thus, if a person doesn’t truly want the help they certainly shouldn’t even mention the problem to a number six.

It is also in large part because of their strong family connections that this is one of the numbers that can represent a codependent relationship.

Many sixes have strong memories of emotional experiences. This means they don’t forgive and forget easily. In truth, the majority of individuals born as a number six can’t forgive past wrongs. Many lifelong feuds and problems occur because of this tendency.

Finally, the numerology number six may experience problems receiving love. Despite the fact, they are great at giving love and at nurturing, they aren’t so good at accepting and enjoying affection. Numerology number six is learning in this life that sometimes it’s okay and normal to receive love and pampering from another.


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