Numerology Number 5 – Spirited Changers

Numerology Number 5 – Spirited Changers

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Five

Want to understand numerology number five? This lively changer is known for being the life of the party and a fun companion. Their lesson – avoid excesses.

The symbolism of numerology number five is represented best by an outsider watching a group of four at work. There is a realization by the outsider that all labor and no play results in stagnation. The fifth person makes an attempt to change the patterns of the other four and help them to approach life from a different perspective.

Positive Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 5

Need some fun and excitement in life? Seek out people who are born with the number five in their numerology charts. Spirited is the one best positive word to describe someone born as numerology number five. These individuals are great at acting in an active, courageous, and dynamic manner. They are sure to bring joy, excitement, and adventure into the lives of their romantic partners, co-workers, employers, and friends.

Speaking of romance, the people that are born with a number five seem to attract members of the opposite gender to them naturally. It is almost like people born with a numerology number five in their numerological chart are magnets and those of the opposite sex just can’t resist their natural charm and outgoing nature. Additionally, all that energy that a number five has just can’t help but make others feel alive and ready to enjoy the world.

Most people born with a number five in their numerology chart also have a tendency to be able to adapt naturally to most situations. Perhaps the reasons they change so naturally is because they have a curious mind and are good at communicating their wants, desires, likes, and dislikes. Many fives are learning to use their adaptive skills to wait before rushing into a situation. When the five learns patience, they are better able to channel all their energy into something productive and progressive.

It is imperative that a beginning numerologist tells people that know number fives to allow them to have their freedom. Fives love to explore and can keep the party going for hours, but they absolutely can not stand to be controlled, bossed around, or told what to do. Restriction does not go well with the number five adult, yet it can serve as a great motivator to a child that was born with a five in their chart.

The tarot card that represents this number is the Hierophant, and the astrological sign is usually Gemini (though some would claim that certain types of Leos fit the description better). Why Gemini? It is because of their air ability to both adapt and thrive in a social atmosphere.

As a final note on positive personality traits of the numerology number five, these people typically do not like change, despite the fact they are among the best at dealing with change and knowing when to create and bring changes into the lives of others.

Negative Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 5

The negative personality traits of numerology number five in many ways are the same as some of their best positive personality traits. Change, for example, when looked at from the negative perspective, can represent an individual that avoids changing or, worse, forces others to make changes before they are truly ready to do so.

Likewise, the numerology number five can be a bit too spirited at times. Spirited, not in the energetic, vigorous, and courageous way, but spirited in a more rebellious and impulsive fashion. When the number five is acting from this perspective, many would be better off just to avoid it and not get involved in battles with them.

Another thing that’s typically associated with numerology number five is addictions. Alcohol, drugs, eating, and everything in-between is often found connected to those people that have strong five’s in their numerological chart. Note, the number five may or may not be the one that has the addiction, but they will eventually attract people who do have addictions. Additionally, the number five is learning that they cannot change and save every person that has an addiction.

Most people born into a number five’s life will have ample opportunity to be sexually active. In fact, it is not unusual at all for those born as a number five to enjoy a dash of variety in their bedroom life. Just remember, too much of anything can be a bad thing.

According to the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology by Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard, the following are some additional points to keep in mind when people want to befriend or be romantically involved with numerology number five:

• Avoid telling the number five person they cannot change things
• Avoid saying to five personalities that they are inflexible
• Do recognize and praise fives for their efforts
• Don’t label fives
• Do allow number fives to be affectionate and loving
• Do return the love and affection often
• Don’t rush numerology number five into making commitments as they dislike being tied down

By following those suggestions a person will not only be able to befriend a number five-person, but they will also be able to have a strong friendship and relationship with them. Additionally, because five personality people are usually so spirited and upbeat, they make some of the best friends anyone could ask.


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