Numerology Number 4 – Boring Builders

Numerology Number 4 – Boring Builders

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Four

Want to understand numerology number four? This boring builder is known for holding people and situations together no matter the crisis. Pity they tend to be too serious.

The symbolism of numerology number four is represented best by the square. The square represents the order of the universe. It is a stable and sturdy structure. As long as all four sides of the square remain effective and work together, it represents the idea of stability, but when one of those sides disappears or collapses, the rest of the structure is at risk of crumbling and falling apart.

Positive Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 4

There is no number in numerology that is more stable and steady than the number four. In numerology personality analysis, the number four people are the ones that have a tendency to hold everything together. No matter how stressful or difficult a crisis may seem, the dull builders are born to know how to handle a crisis in a calm, cool, and collected way.

The number four is also very practical and methodical. A strong determination resides within these people. Discipline, stamina, and the ability to stick with things to the bitter end are all positive personality traits of the numerology number four. One thing is for certain, those people that are blessed to have a four-person in their life can be sure that they’ll have a strong sense of security that will consistently follow them.

When it comes to relationships, the number four people are very down to earth and are typically extremely trustworthy. Sure, they may take life very seriously, but this seriousness is what enables them to deal with all manners of hardships in a way that makes it appears as though they handle such difficulties with ease. Additionally, fours are known for helping to bring the organization into the life of a partner or friend.

Finally, fours are builders. A beginning numerologist should note that fours are great at helping to take a plan and put it into action. When the number one and number four combine their efforts together, these two numbers can typically accomplish almost anything, provided the number four can allow the number one to be the leader. The four gets great pleasure out of putting in hard work and dedication, especially when they get to see the fruits of their hard work develop into rewards.

Important to note that almost all fours are learning to suspend belief. Since many number fours have a somewhat analytical and well-organized mind they can get caught up in too much technicality (be it in the scientific world or the financial world). Learning to have faith and to be open to all possibilities is something the number four is learning. Most fours are also learning that when you hold things together for other people, many times those people that you’ve helped won’t be there to help in return. Thus, all real friends are to be greatly treasured.

The Emperor is the tarot card which represents the number four. This card is a reminder of the importance of being in control of both the environment and emotions. When emotions get out of control, wrong decisions happen. Taurus is the astrological sign often associated with the numerology number four.

Negative Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 4

So what are the negative personality traits of the numerology number four? Well, for starters there is the fact that the majority of people born into life as a number four will appear to be dull to the people around them. Number fours have all sorts of interesting hobbies; it’s just unfortunate that the majority of people they associate with don’t understand their hobbies. Perhaps others would understand better if the four wasn’t spending the majority of their life working.

Fours that are not applying their energy in the correct direction (which always involves either building something important or holding people together) will typically find themselves feeling without joy and at times gloomy. This mood can put a real damper on the social mood of the people that sincerely want to hang out with them. Perhaps if the number four would learn to talk more and not be so repressive, they would naturally avoid many of the problems they end up developing in relationships.

Another annoying thing about numerology number four is the fact that people born as a number four tend to have firmly fixed opinions on what exactly is right and what is wrong. Additionally, people born as a number four have a habit of stubbornly defending their position, even when they logically know that they are wrong. Yes, it takes quite a miracle to convince a number four to change their opinion.

Just as fours can almost always be counted on to be dependable in a relationship, most relationship partners can depend upon their number four mate to have so much common sense that they at times seem void of any and all emotions. Unlike the number three, which can become overly warped up in emotional conflicts and drama, the number four would rather, if at all possible, avoid the drama altogether and they’d also genuinely enjoy helping their friends to avoid emotionally dramatic situations.

If a person is studying numerology, they’ll realize that people that have a strong four placement in their numerology chart become easily frustrated when others do not take their work or jobs seriously. To number four, there is a time and place for everything and working is not the time nor place to be wasting time and messing around. That’s a waste of time, and this is offensive to these people. Work hard, take the job seriously, and the number four will allow a person a rare chance to see them kick back and have fun, a treat in and of itself.


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