Numerology Number 3 – Moody Cheerleaders

Numerology Number 3 – Moody Cheerleaders

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Three

Want to understand numerology number 3? This expressive cheerleader has a lot to offer, but beware its sudden and dramatic mood swings!

We represent the symbolism of numerology number 3 by a union of two being expanded to include a third person. With this expansion comes extra help and the ability to have more expressive power. A cheerleader is now available to help inspire and cheer on the other the two.

Positive Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 3

Of all the numbers in numerology, it is number three which tends to be most expressive. These people were born to bring joy into the lives of others. In numerology, number 3 tends to be the most creative. With a healthy active imagination, these people were born to bring that vision to life by whatever means they are capable of using. Additionally, these individuals have a childlike enthusiasm for the world, making learning and exploring critical to them.

Numerology number 3 is known as the cheerleader amongst the other numbers. These are the people that are capable of inspiring their friends, co-workers, employers, and almost anyone else. The number three is known for being able to use its gift of words to motivate others. Like a Leo, they want to make everyone happy, and they have trouble understanding why someone wouldn’t want to be excited about the great things that are coming.

In numerology, the number 3 is learning not to spread their energy too thin, but to live in the movement and enjoy each movement as it comes. No matter how difficult the beginning of a situation may seem, each situation brings with it new joys and experiences which lead to the development of personal growth.

In relationships, it’s important to keep a playful and upbeat tone when courting a number 3. These individuals truly value comedy and a good sense of humor and most have a tendency to light up the room when they are in a good mood. Just remember, some people born into the number three have a tendency to cover up pain by using laughter.

In the Tarot, the number three is represented by the Empress. This card symbolizes wealth and is a reminder to number 3 that much abundance awaits them for the inspiring work that they do around the world.

Negative Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 3

Like all numbers, the number 3 also has its bad points. The one point, above all others, which the number 3 must be most careful with, is their tendency toward exaggeration.

Exaggeration is a means to expand upon their story. The number three usually seeks to make stories the most interesting and entertaining and sometimes the three believes that a little exaggeration can go long ways in providing their audience with what they need. What the number 3 doesn’t always think about is the fact that many people get offended by those little white lies, and most would much prefer the inspiration not to be overdone.

Other negative traits which the numerology number 3 is known for include:

  • Laziness
  • Impracticality
  • A Critical Tongue
  • Childishness

Besides all this, number threes tend to go through periods of intense moodiness. One moment the number 3 may seem happy, and seconds later the number three can appear as though it is decaying in sorrow. Learning not to use their natural empathy to pick up on the emotions of others is an important lesson for threes. With a little bit of psychic self-defense and energy protection, the moodiness of those people born into the number three can be mellowed out, making the lives of these proud cheerleaders more balanced and less stressful while allowing their friends the relief of knowing they won’t have to deal with such constant moodiness.


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