Numerology Number 2 – Codependent Peacemakers

Numerology Number 2 – Codependent Peacemakers

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Two

Numerology number two likes for things to be in balance. Help this codependent peacemaker obtain that balance by knowing and understanding its strengths and weaknesses.

The symbolism of numerology number two is two people standing side by side. It very much looks like the astrological sign of Gemini. Two lone individuals come together to form a unit. Now neither is alone and both must work together in unison and unity. As long as they work together everything remains balanced. However, when the two begin to pull in opposite directions balance is disruptive and the unity collapses.

Positive Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 2

In numerology personality, number two is the peacemaker. The number two is diplomatic and has a strong intuitive knowledge of what other people want and need. Sensitive, number twos typically don’t handle criticism very well and, in fact, most go out of their way to try and avoid it. Most people born under number two are patient and good at cooperating with others.

Many number ones are gentle and romantic with a focus on mental as opposed to physical energy. Many come across as almost psychic with a strong ability to easily understand others. Most people with a number two personality tend to be very loving with an ability to persuade others to follow their quiet lead. Though many number two don’t appear to be a leader, almost all people born under the number two have leadership potential, they just choose to support the leader instead of actually deciding to be the leader. Should that leader ask them to do something and take charge, the two typically does so without question and most are very good in a leadership role.

The number two is learning that the best way to relate to other people is in a calm, still, and totally tolerant way. The number two is also discovering that when they take on other people’s burdens willingly and without complain they are following their correct path in this lifetime.

Finally, it is important to understand that in numerology the number two represents balance. Almost all people connected to the number two are learning when and how to find the secret to balancing both their own life and the lives of others. The number two is associated with receptivity and is best represented in the tarot cards by the major arcana card, the High Priestess.

Negative Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 2

When it comes to numerology personality, the negative aspect of numerology number two that is most frustrating is its need for dependency on others. Of all the numbers within numerology, it is number two that usually ends up being the most codependent. No matter how timid or shy the numerology number two appears, it’s the need for dependence upon others that tend to be the biggest drawback.

In addition to codependency, other negative aspects that the number two may hold include indecisiveness. It’s almost as though those born with a two in their numerology chart have problems making up their mind, even with a small decision. Two people are learning to stand up, to be decisive, and not subordinate to every authority figure they encounter. When the two starts to become the authority figure, that’s when they discover and begin to develop their true inner power.

The number two is learning that to be alone doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has to be lonely. The world is filled with many good-hearted people that would love to develop new and profound friendships – friendships that the number two can enjoy and truly benefit from, provided they can keep themselves from becoming over-critical of their new friends.

Finally, learning to stay positive and upbeat is an important lesson for numerology number two. Many twos have a tendency to sink into depression or to become malicious when they feel they have been wronged. Balance and justice aren’t always the same thing, and number two is learning the true aspects and meanings of both balance and justice.


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