Numerology Number 11 – Spiritual Messengers

Numerology Number 11 – Spiritual Messengers

A Look at the Symbolism and Personality of Eleven

Want to understand numerology number 11? Master number eleven, the spiritual messenger, is known for being psychic, sensitive, insightful, and intuitive.

The symbolism of numerology number eleven is represented best by an angel. Angels are heavenly creatures that are blessed with the ability to offer insights. Many are known as God’s messengers, and as such, they communicate universal messages. The spiritual messengers are usually considered a gift to their friends, romantic partners, and at times their community.

Positive Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 11

Numerology number eleven is one of the numbers known as a master number. As a master number, this number vibrates at a higher frequency than other numbers. As such, there is lots of power that comes with this master number. It is primarily due to this power that many master number elevens achieve some sort of fame (though not always on a large scale) during their lifetime.

For master number eleven to make the most of its power, the person wielding it will need to focus a great deal on self-mastery and perfecting their talents, skills, and abilities. Like the one, there is natural leadership ability, and like the two there is a need to find and bring balance to oneself.

In numerology, the number eleven is known for their keen sensitivity and empathic ability along with a high level of intuitive perception. These individuals are here to inspire others, and they usually do this by offering the information and messages that their guides, higher self, and inner voice provide. They are here to uplift humanity, and that’s a tough role to fulfill, but one which brings with it a great deal of both external and internal reward.

From an astrological perspective, this number is like combining the long term and often prophetic vision of Sagittarius with the humanitarian efforts of Aquarius. To learn about the number eleven is to learn about peace. Numerology number eleven is about learning to both bring peace to other people and find inner peace. In addition to learning about peace, those studying the number eleven will see that this number is associated with daily tests on the concepts of honesty and integrity.

Master number eleven is also filled with dreams and ideals that they seek to put into practice here on the earth plane. In relationships, this number usually reverts down to the number two (1 + 1 = 2) and acts like the two, though they can be just as spiritually insightful and prophetic with their friends and romantic partners as they can be with the world in general.

Career possibilities for numerology number eleven include the minister, psychic, occultist, astrologer, teacher, philosopher, and anything that uses the talents of these professions.

Negative Personality Aspects of Numerology Number 11

Being at such a high vibration is tough. In fact, according to Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard in their book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology “The 11/2 walks the fine line between greatness and self-destruction. This number can be given over to fear and phobias or soar to the heights of the enlightened.” (pg 166)

The master number eleven is associated with being hyper-critical of one’s own situations and talents. Self-expectations are high in this number, and those who are ruled by number eleven would do well to learn to make those self-expectations a little more realistic. When expectations are realistic and can be achieved, there is little worry that the numerology number eleven will fall prey to self-destruction.

Individuals with a birth chart containing numerology number eleven should also try to be careful with their planning skills. When there are no plans for the future, no direction to go, these individuals can become overly frustrated and begin to lose confidence. It’s not unusual for lost number elevens to find themselves sinking into the despair of depression.

Another weak point that numerology number eleven is associated with is the need to be cautious with diet and the nervous system. This is unusually the case when a person has the eleven life path. Even without the number appearing in the life path, the average number eleven has a very sensitive physical body that needs lots of nourishment in both the form of food and physical affection. Having a balanced diet is a necessity; otherwise, the nervous system can get out of whack.

It is because of the weak and erratic nervous system that elevens usually can’t handle large crowds of people. Most are introverted and need quite a bit of personal alone time to recharge their batteries. This alone time is also used to gather and sort through their thoughts.

A person who is ruled by numerology number eleven, as a spiritual messenger, does tend to have a strongly intuitive mind. They can be very psychic. The number eleven must learn when to offer their insights and when to ethically keep those ideas to themselves.

After all, as hard as it is to believe, not everyone wants help and, in fact, most people would rather wallow in their own self-pity as opposed to doing something about their problems. The job of master number eleven, the spiritual messenger, is to pass along information and insights, but not worry about if others choose to act on the information. Psychic development studies would be good for them.


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