Ten Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

Ten Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

Being spiritual is about more than just saying you’re spiritual. Anyone can claim to be spiritual. Anyone can say they study and follow metaphysical laws and principles. Being spiritual or metaphysical also requires a certain level of commitment and action. Though everyone has their own ideas about how to follow their chosen path, there’s nothing wrong with gaining insights into some common spiritual practices that have proven beneficial to many over the years. Here are ten things you can do to live a more spiritual and metaphysical based life.

One: Meditate Daily

Meditation forms the foundation of metaphysical, spiritual practice. It is only through meditation that one is able to make contact with the inner spirit – or as some would say – the God within. It is also through meditation that one learns to quiet the mind and figure out their own thoughts vs. the thoughts of others whom they may be receiving. Finally, meditation is important for restoring calm and peace to both a person’s inner and outer world.

Two: Think Positively

Positive thinking is a very important spiritual practice. Especially for those of us who are involved in metaphysical spirituality. It is said that the world around us is a mirror of our own thoughts. The more we focus on positive thinking that more likely the world around us is to conform to that state of consciousnesses. Positive thinking is also important from a Law of Attraction perspective. What we think about, we tend to bring about. Now, this doesn’t mean that all negative thoughts will always bring something bad – what we are talking about is a general state of consciousnesses here.

Three/Four: Nullify Negative Thoughts and Nullify Negative Spoken Words

Three and four focus on learning to nullify. To nullify means to discard and eliminate. In this case, we are talking about being aware of when we do have negative thoughts or when we are saying negative things and then purposely nullifying those thoughts or words. This is usually done through a simple process of thinking or saying “delete, delete, delete” or something similar. Of course, once a negative thought or negative words have been nullified, the second step is to replace the negative with something of a more positive nature. This process of training the mind and self to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive is one of the fundamental key foundational practices for improving life and following a more spiritual path.

Five: Dedicate Each Day to God and the Universe

A simple practice that goes a long way in influencing the day is to wake up each morning and spend a few moments dedicating the day to God and/or the Universe. Taking the time to promise to the self that one will do their best to try and behave, think, and live from the highest spiritual point possible can influence a lot. It can influence both the day in general as well as how one ultimately chooses to act and react to various events, people, and circumstances that cross their path as they move through the day. It doesn’t take an elaborate ceremony to do this, just the simple process of taking the time to think through the dedication. It’s one of two things I personally try to do every morning immediately upon awakening.

Six: Give Thanks for All Good

Unfortunately, for many, there is a tendency to take the good that comes to us in life for granted. As human beings, we tend to focus more on the bad and the negative as opposed to being thankful for the positive and good that occurs. In spiritual leadership, gratitude ranks as one of the most important skills that can be developed.

Gratitude is the process of being thankful for what you do have vs. dwelling on that which you don’t have. The vibrations that come from gratitude help to attract, create and reveal more good things in life.

Seven: Read Inspirational Literature

One of the best ways to stay motivated inspired, and to continue along a spiritual path is to engage in watching or reading something inspirational each day. If only for five minutes, this act will keep the good vibrations flowing and will many times provide food for thought that is worth pondering. Also, when we remember that what we focus on acts like a magnet in our life – it’s easy to see how inspirational literature, documentaries, or movies can be useful. As a side note, many of the most professional people in our world take the time each day to read or watch something inspirational. If some of the most successful people in our world are doing it, why shouldn’t we?

Eight: Forgive as You Would Wish to be Forgiven

In some spiritual circles, forgiveness is considered a virtue. The truth is, we don’t forgive people for their benefit, it’s done for ourselves. To hold onto anger, hurt, hostility, and any similar emotion is to force the conscious and unconscious mind to focus upon those lower level vibrations. This results in similar vibrations being drawn to us. Thus, it’s so important to forgive if only for our own healing and to continue the trend of generating positive vibrations within our own life.

Nine: Attend Spiritual or Metaphysical Groups

The power of a good group can never be underestimated. When people find a group they can jive with and connect to, the group serves as both a source of support and healing as well as inspiration and connection. None of us want to feel alone. Groups are a powerful way of discovering like-minded individuals that we can commune with and share our journey with. Groups are also wonderful as learning tools. They give us a safe place to share our thoughts and practice our spirituality while bouncing ideas off of others and receiving their feedback. Everyone should consider finding at least one group – spiritual or metaphysical – that they can spend at least an hour a week connecting to. It tends to make a huge difference in the lives of all involved.

Ten: Remember Daily Who You Are

You are a child of God/the Universe. You contain the spark of the Divine within you. Never forget this. When people realize this about themselves, they can follow a higher road. When people realize this about themselves, they can help others in some amazing ways.

Part of remembering who you are involves learning to separate your ego from your Higher Self. The ego, or little you, wants to control life. It’s like the ID principle in Freudian psychology. The ego revolves around instant gratification at the cost of everything else. It’s all about “me” and fights hard to have its own way.

The Higher Self, in contrast, is the higher part of the self that is closest to God/the Universe. It’s similar to the superego principle in Freudian psychology. It wants what is best for all involved, and it wants this without causing any harm to another. A sure-fire way to tell when something is not from the Higher Self is when it involves hurting another person. That will always be the ego talking.

By remembering daily who you are you will become more confident and strong in your personal faith in yourself, God/Universe, and in your Higher Self. Like number five above, this doesn’t take a lot of time, it’s simply a matter of practicing daily recognizing your Higher Self voice from your Ego voice. It also involves surrendering to the Higher Self voice and not giving into the ego voice.

Now that we have learned about these ten methods of improving metaphysical spirituality let’s end with positive affirmations which you are encouraged to say out loud three times every morning and evening for the next week.

            “There is no personality, opinion, or condition that interferes with my choices. I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual world, governed by spiritual laws.”William A. Warch


John Culbertson is a highly sought-after tarot card reader, spiritual advisor, and spiritual counselor with over 25 years of experience in metaphysical fields. Known for his accuracy, honesty, and deep spirituality, John has conducted thousands of readings that provide trusted guidance and growth for his clients.

John’s specialty is leveraging tarot and intuitive insights to offer clarity, direction, and next steps to those feeling uncertain on life’s path. His compassionate, non-judgemental approach creates a safe space for people to navigate challenging transitions, find inner wisdom, and transform their lives through self-discovery.

Having trained extensively in areas from eastern spirituality to mystical Christian traditions, John synthesizes spiritual principles across faiths. He believes spiritual growth should empower and enhance our human experience.

John offers confidential tarot readings and spiritual mentoring remotely by phone. He is a published author and holds a Doctorate in Ministry with a specialization in pastoral counseling and Certified Metaphysical Practitioner designation. His goal is illuminating the unique gifts within each person through tarot divination and metaphysical healing arts.

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