What is Angel Therapy?

Understanding Angel Therapy

Do you want to know what Angel Therapy is and how can it help a person? This post takes a look at and provides some information on this beautiful healing practice.

Before we begin, it’s essential to understand that we are talking about working with angels from a strictly healing capacity. This article is not about Enochian Magick, making magical pacts, or dealing with angels or other spirits. One would need to be very advanced before traveling down that road. This article is certainly not the place to begin that journey.

What is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy is a healing modality where the healer connects with and works with angels to bring healing energy into a person’s life. Some practitioners call Angel Therapy by the name Angel Reiki. Still, Angel Therapy doesn’t have to involve Reiki at all.

The use of Angel Therapy is believed to help others heal several areas of their life. Additionally, it is not uncommon for the person performing the healing to receive messages from various angels for the person they are working with.

Sometimes Angel Therapy will be called Angel Touch or Angel Healing. Regardless of what it is called, it is typically understood to be non-denominational in nature. Usually, it is people involved in the New Age movement who elect to receive Angel Therapy. Still, anyone from any religion or belief system will benefit from this healing technique, so long as they are open-minded and have faith in the process.

Faith is the most critical aspect of this type of healing working. It is faith that is most responsible for the work being successful. This is true in almost all healing techniques and modalities.

Additionally, a person receiving Angel Therapy must have an open mind and be willing to listen to any information that comes through from the angelic realm. The healing energy will always be present, but not every session will result in communication with the angels or their direct guidance.

Can I Do Angel Therapy on Myself?

The short answer to this question is yes.

This method of healing can be quickly learned by any person that wants to use it. It is not hard to work with angels and, contrary to what some may lead you to believe, it typically is not dangerous either. In fact, it is considered one of the safer healing practices one can learn and engage in. Suppose you are willing to believe in spirit guides. In that case, you can call on the healing power of the angels regardless of your personal religious or spiritual beliefs.

What are the benefits of Angel Therapy?

Possible benefits include clarity of mind, greater motivation in life, more optimism, and a more profound sense of serenity. The healing work may aid in physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing and recovery.

This method of healing is advantageous to those who suffer from various emotional struggles, including anxiety.

Perhaps the best benefit that comes from Angel Therapy is connecting and communicating with the angels, including your personal guardian angel as well as potentially one of the archangels.

This communication can lead to advise on various topics that are of concern to the one seeking treatment. Examples might include physical or mental health, spiritual insights, prosperity, love and relationships, and so forth.

How Does One Perform Angel Therapy?

There are several different methods of engaging in Angel Therapy. However, before engaging in any of them, it is a good idea for the one doing the angel therapy to have a background in meditation. Additionally, experience in psychic development, spirit communication, creative visualization, or other healing modalities will also be beneficial.

As previously mentioned, those who already use Reiki can combine it with the request of aid from the angelic realm. The practitioners do the Reiki session as usual. Before starting or during the middle of it, they silently request and ask the angels to be present, help aid in the healing, and provide any insights or information needed.

Angel Touch is a lot like Reiki, only no Reiki energy is activated, and no Reiki symbols are used. Before reaching out and laying hands on an individual, a person invokes the aid of the angels and asks to be made a conduit for the information they wish to provide.

Finally, another method of engaging in Angel Therapy is by doing an angel meditation and requesting the healing energy from the angel realm. You can also request any important messages or information to be passed along to you as well.

Angel Therapy Meditation Session

Below is an Angel Therapy meditation session you can do. You can listen and watch it via YouTube Video, or you can listen to the audio version of it. This is an excellent example of how you can use meditation to do an Angel Therapy session on yourself.

Link to Audio Only Version


Angel Therapy is a great tool to add to your toolbox if you’re searching for a different healing technique widely accepted by many people. It is easy to learn and can even be successfully applied to the self through meditation.

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