Connect With Your Guardian Angel

How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

While there are several kinds of angels, two types are especially appropriate to focus on connecting to within meditation.

The first are the archangels, which you can read more about in my blog posts on the four main archangels.

The second type is the guardian angels. Guardian angels are responsible for helping people in a variety of manners. It has been said that every human being has at least one guardian angel, but some are believed to have more than one. These angels radiate with a caring and loving energy that you will treasure once you connect with them.

Some of the reasons we focus on connecting to our guardian angels are so they can bless us, provide protection to us, or offer guidance to us.

As with all meditations, meditation to connect with guardian angels requires a serene atmosphere and the ability to relax before getting into the visualization part of the meditation.

It has been said that angels are always ready and willing to help mankind, but they are bound by divine law. This law states that an angel can only intervene on behalf of a mortal being if one of two conditions occurs.

The first condition is that the human being is in a life or death situation before it is their time to cross over. An angelic being then has permission to try and prevent death from happening.

The second condition is that a human being directly asks them for help or guidance. If angels are requested, they will not refuse and will be ready to offer support, protection, safety, or advice.

The bottom line is that if you don’t ask for help, you can’t receive it.

With that firmly in mind, let’s learn how to use meditation to connect with a guardian angel.

The Benefits of Connecting With Angels in Meditation

  • A sense of balance
  • Inner peace and bliss
  • A better understanding of a situation on the soul level
  • Less stress
  • More creative energy
  • A feeling of unity and connectedness
  • Improvement to your self-esteem and self-trust
  • Greater clarity to a life situation
  • A deeper, more profound opening of the heart center/chakra

The meditations below are beautiful and relatively short, running right around 10 to 11 minutes in length. They can be used to connect with your angels.

While these particular meditations are designed to be used right before bed, they can be used any time of the day in which you need to connect with one of your angels.

Also, be aware that you don’t have to know your angels before doing either of these meditations.

First Angel Meditation

Start by grounding and centering yourself with three deep breaths.

Now, close your eyes and allow yourself to begin relaxing your body. Start with your head and relax the head and mind first. Then your feet, legs, lower torso, upper torso, back, arms, and finally, your hands. Take your time doing relaxation. It’ll make the rest of the meditation flow more smoothly.

Once you are relaxed, you need to set your intention. Say: I allow myself to be open to the healing and guidance of the angelic realm. Allow the angel who is best for me to be open to working with me. I request help with ________.

Now you need to decide what you are seeking help with.

  • Do you need some sort of emotional, physical, spiritual healing?
  • Are you working on forgiving someone who you feel has wronged you?
  • Perhaps you think you need to make some type of change but are having difficulty doing so?
  • Do you need protection from something?
  • Would you like insight or clarity on a specific situation or question?

Be as clear and specific as possible with your request.

Once you have made your request, allow yourself to sit in silence for a few moments. Then begin the process of visualizing a bright white light all around and inside of yourself.

Feel the loving energy of the angelic world as it radiates down onto you and around you. With each breath you take, feel your body filling with unconditional love and inspiration.

Now feel a hand reach out to take hold of your hand. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does this hand feel like?
  • Does it feel male, female, or something in-between?
  • What does the arm connected to the hand look like?
  • As you follow the arm up to the shoulder, look up at the face of this angelic being. What does the angel look like?
  • Is there anything special that stands out about them and the way they look? Are they carrying anything or wearing anything unique?

As you hold the hand of this angel, take some time to breathe the loving presence of the angel into your being.

Now, with your mind, communicate with the angel. You’ll discover no spoken words are needed. You both can hear what the other is thinking. Spend some time communicating with your angel.

When you are finished, thank your angelic guardian and let go of their hand. Allow them to fade away, before slowly opening your eyes.

Consider writing your experience in a journal. Optionally, you can try going to sleep with thoughts of the meditation fresh in your mind.

Note: Not everyone will see or hear their angel on the first try. Just because you can’t see or listen to them doesn’t mean they haven’t listened to your request, nor does it mean they will not help you. Keep your awareness open, and be on the lookout for things that happen in the physical world that may be messages or signs from your angel.

Second Angel Meditation

This second meditation is by a friend of mine. I have included the YouTube video below for you to watch and listen to. As you watch, remember to follow the directions.


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