Energy Healing Basics

An Introduction to Energy Healing

Almost all people, contrary to what many may believe, seek and desire to be helpful to others, especially to those whom they are close to and whom they know are experiencing pain or are going through a rough time.

Almost all people, contrary to what many may believe, seek and desire to be helpful to others, especially to those whom they are close to and whom they know are experiencing pain or are going through a rough time.

For a long time, psychic healing (also called energy healing), has raised many suspicious eyebrows. Some people just have trouble accepting that we are capable of doing any good by concentrating on someone else and “thinking” them well. Some people simply do not believe in the power of positive thought and nothing you say will change that. It is only through direct experience that many times we form our own values and beliefs about the world around us.

If you’ve never experimented with energy healing or have tried it out, then you have no reason to believe that it won’t work. All that this article asks of you is that you give it your full attention and try the steps that are outlined within. If you see or experience ANY improvement resulting from this experimentation, we ask that you write and share your experience. If you do not, then this can be something you toss away and never give your attention to again.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about what energy healing can and can’t do.

Energy Healing Basics

1. Energy Healing doesn’t always work on the physical body, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all!

The physical body is usually the LAST place illness, discomfort, and disease show up. Many times energy healing will work not on the physical body, but on the emotions, mind, intuition, or spiritual part of the self.

What this means is that in your observations following the experiment, you must not look at only the physical body. Rather, pay attention to emotions, mental attitude, intuitive insights, and spiritual connections which are formed or reformed.

It may be that someone is suffering from cancer and following the experiment their cancer isn’t healed, but the individual feels more at peace. Likewise, a person with a broken leg may be overly grumpy, and while the energy work doesn’t “fix” their leg, it does improve their emotional disposition over the next few days.

2. You Heal Nothing, God or the Universal Spirit Heals Everything.

When you do this experiment, you are going to be connecting and linking into the Universal Energy of the World. Some people call this God. Other names for this energy include but aren’t limited to: Architect of the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, The Higher Self, The Holy Guardian Angel, The Great Power, Universal Life Force, etc.

It is important to remember that you are not supplying the energy, rather this great power is. What you are doing, is opening your heart up and asking that you be used as a conduit to direct this energy. The energy of the god force, combined with the universal loving emotion of another human, combine together to produce healing results. If you ever get to a point where you start to believe “you did it all,” then it’s time for you to take a serious ego check and perhaps even stop attempting to do this type of work.

3. You always focus your mind on the greater good.

When doing any type of energy healing it is best to not focus on directing energy to one specific part of a person or even yourself. Sometimes what we think is wrong with another person isn’t really what’s wrong after all.

Because of this, when you do any type of energy work you always tell the universal power to take the energy and use it for the greater good. You never specifically identify what the energy should be used on. Besides, this higher power undoubtedly knows more than what you will ever be capable of knowing.

4. Not every illness is meant to be healed, that doesn’t mean the energy healing doesn’t do any good at all.

Just like we can never really know where the best place to direct the energy is, we also can’t always know what other people are here in this world to learn. We can’t always know what greater purpose is behind an illness. Again, that falls in the territory of the God Force Energy.  Some things simply aren’t meant to be healed. The reason is too complicated to get into in this article, but that’s something a future newsletter will cover.

Please note, that just because some illnesses aren’t supposed to be healed that doesn’t mean the energy healing won’t be beneficial in some way. Much like point one above, there are so many ways and levels that energy healing can work. Just because something isn’t obvious or can’t be seen with the physical eyes, doesn’t mean it isn’t working at all. You can’t really see electricity, but you know what it can do.

Doing Energy Healing — A Step by Step Guide for the Beginner

Method One: The Long Version, a Twelve Step Process.

1. Take some time to calm down. Sit somewhere where you won’t be bothered for the next 10 minutes. Turn the phone off and make sure you aren’t going to be disturbed by friends, family members, kids, or animals. Be sure to take three deep breaths to ground and center yourself.

2. Be sure all your body parts are uncrossed including your arms, legs, and feet. This will prevent the short-circuiting of the energy and ensure that it is flowing properly.

3. Imagine being surrounded in a very bright, but warm, comforting, and beautiful white light. The best way to do this is by simply imagining that the sun is shining above you and is radiating over every last inch of your physical body.

4. Imagine the person you want to send healing energy to standing/sitting/laying in front of you. It’s ok to imagine yourself. Try to see this person as realistically as possible. Try to imagine not only what they look like, but what they sound like or smell like.

5. Think of a happy time in your own life. What made you happier than anything else? Smile or laugh out loud if you need to.

6. Ask the person if they desire any energy healing work done on them? If you get a no answer either verbally or by the nodding of the head, don’t ask a second time, simply thank them and then repeat the process from step 3, but this time choosing a different person to heal.

7. If they say yes then imagine a beam of green light flowing from the sun, into you, and out your heart. Allow yourself to watch the beam of light connect to the heart of the person you’re working on, and see it start to fill their entire body. Watch as they start to radiate and glow a clear, bright, and vibrant green color.

8. Now pretend and imagine that the sun is sending a beam of indigo/purple light into you. Allow yourself to watch the beam of indigo light flow down right next to the green light. Visualize the indigo light flowing to your third eye center. The third eye center is located between the two eyes and just slightly above the bridge of the nose. Imagine that indigo light going from your third eye into the other person’s third eye. See that indigo light flow through their body and watch their body go from clear, bright, and vibrant green to clear, bright, and pulsating indigo.

9. Pretend and imagine now that the sun is sending a bright blue light down into you, right along with the green and indigo. Watch it fill your body and then exit through your throat center. Watch the blue beam of light go from your throat center to the other person’s throat center. See them begin to pulsate with a bright blue light.

10. Watch the green, indigo, and blue all start to combine together to form a brilliant gold light. See this gold light fill the other person up. Watch as they start to shine gold. See a smile spread across their face as they bask in the loving and beautiful energy.

11. When you think they are finished, usually 5-10 minutes, then take and imagine yourself using a pair of scissors to cut the beams of light that are going from you to the other person.

12. Thank the God Force Energy and thank the other person for allowing you to work with them. Open your eyes, and do something that you really enjoy to get your mind off of the energy work so that you can let go of the thought so it may manifest.

Method Two: Short Form, Five Steps.

1. Take some time to calm down. Sit somewhere where you won’t be bothered for the next 10 minutes. Turn the phone off and make sure you aren’t going to be disturbed by friends, family members, kids, or animals. Be sure to take three deep breaths to ground and center yourself.

2. Get in a prayerful state. Light incense or play a soft soothing piece of music. Allow yourself to feel totally relaxed.

3. Say whatever prayers you are comfortable with from your own religious tradition. Likewise, if you have no set prayers that you use, just allow yourself to dialogue with the God Force Energy.

4. When you are finished, imagine archangels Raphael and Michael standing before you. Raphael is usually associated with healing and Michael protection, but they both said to work well together in a team when it comes to healing. Ask them: “If within God’s plan, would you do some healing work on (person’s name) on my behalf.”

5. See them both filled with bright white light which turns brilliantly gold. Thank them as they leave, and then continue about your day.

Other Forms of Energy Healing

The type of energy healing we are doing here is primarily mental by virtue of remote viewing or guided visualizations. This is the reason it’s so important to be in a good frame of mind before attempting to do this work.

Besides this, there are many types of energy healing out there in the world for you to explore. Some of the most common these days are:

Reiki, Quantum Touch, Aura Balancing, Angel Touch, Angel Therapy, Faith Healing, and Shamanic Healing.

If you’ve had a successful experiment, have seen/heard/felt positive results, and want to continue to investigate healing of this type, feel free to Google any of the above words or phrases.


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