Year 1: The Year of the Psychic Healer

Application and Registration

This page is for those interested in the Year of the Psychic Healer Course.

Registration is currently closed.

Applications closed on March 31st, 2021.

Applications will reopen in January of 2022.

Ciera Talks About Her Year One Mentoring Experince

About the Class

  • Are you ready to embark on a remarkable spiritual journey?
  • Do you want to learn about and dive into occult secrets and sciences?
  • Would you relish learning about psychic development, basic magick concepts, and metaphysical philosophy?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to engage in inner healing work in a safe environment that will actually build your confidence and self-esteem?
  • Do you want new lifelong friends who will become like a second family to you as you study together?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Year One: The Year of the Psychic Healer is for you! 

This is your first year of study – an exciting year where many get their first starts in exploring eclectic spirituality. It is a year of foundational skill-building in almost all areas of the mystical and magick arts, and it helps you work towards competency in self-discipline. Additionally, it gives you the tools to start the process of gaining control over your emotions and mind. It also helps to strengthen your mental and spiritual focus and all levels of your being. You will learn to work with and understand the subconcious mind and bridge the right and left hiemisphers of your brain.

This year of study has 12 main lesson topics, one for each month of the year. You will be joined together with no more than five to six other learners on a private Google Classroom designed just for your spiritual family. Here will be posted required readings materials, audios, and videos that you will work on individually. That’s in addition to the private one-on-one mentoring and monthly group class.

This program requires time and commitment, and a willingness to go outside of your comfort zone. The rewards for doing so, however, are extraordinary.

John can promise you that…

  • By the end of the third lesson, you’ll have a solid foundation that will last you for the rest of your spiritual life, no matter where you choose to take it.
  • By the end of the sixth lesson, you’ll have healed your past and reclaimed your personal power.
  • By the end of the ninth lesson, you’ll have learned how to see, feel, and read energy and be capable of giving accurate psychic readings/spiritual guidance to others.
  • By the time the year has finished, your life will have completely transformed. You will be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in one of the best places ever.

Year One combines…

  • Psychic Development Studies – Including Psychic Reading
  • Lower Kabalistic Path Working – Which connects you to the Higher Self
  • Core Shamanistic Studies – That provides you with Inner Healing
  • Metaphysical Philosophy – Important Knowledge of Metaphysical Laws
  • Beginning Magick Studies – A Focus on Intention Magick
  • An Introduction to the Pagan Wheel of the Year – The Special Celebrations that Align You With the Cycle of Life

By the end of the year, you’ll have foundational knowledge in each of these. You’ll be able to apply them to your personal life as well as in working with clients (if you so choose to do so.)

 Monthly Topics

  1. Getting Started – Basic Principles
  2. Spiritual Practices & Spiritual Diseases
  3. Protection and Defense
  4. Chakras and Energy Gates
  5. Healing Modalities
  6. Energy Awareness and Auras
  7. Straight Readings
  8. Guides/Helping Entities
  9. Divination Systems
  10. The Magick Circle
  11. Introduction to Channeling
  12. Intro to Spirit Communication

Samantha Talks About Her Year One Mentoring Experince

Benefits of Group Mentoring

Private One-On-One Monthly Mentorship

Every month you will schedule and have a one-on-one mentorship phone session with either John or a student who has previously worked through that year. These sessions are to evaluate you and your progress and offer insights and personal help for you and your life. All mentors share their experiences with John Culbertson – the main teacher.

Monthly Partner Work

Each month you will speak with at least one of your fellow students by phone or through some other mutually agreed-upon method and go over the “group work” exercises and questions with them. This is to help you process and explore in a safe environment with a fellow student. It also helps to build a “family spirit” with your “brothers” and “sisters” of the school.

Monthly Group Classes

Every month there is a two-hour class hosted by John on the Zoom Video Platform. This class reviews the month’s lessons and meditations and/or explores a new concept not yet introduced. The class is not mandatory, but you will be missing out on a considerable part of your educational experience each time you miss one. Class dates are established in the first month and are held the same day and time for the rest of the year.


Each student gets put into a Google Classroom Group with their classmates. This is where monthly reading, viewing, and listening material is posted. You are asked to give some sort of comment on each reading, viewing, or listening exercise to show you have studied or worked through it.


Every month includes audio meditation/visualization that you are expected to practice (sometimes daily). Many months have multiple ones. These meditations and visualizations are essential for your growth and development.

Fun Homework

Various “homework” assignments are given throughout the year. These typically involve practicing what you’re learning. They are meant to be fun and entertaining.

Note: You are not required to renounce your religious or previous spiritual beliefs or practices. You are not asked to stop reading or studying. In fact, you’re encouraged to continue to read and learn as much as possible from many different traditions – so long as you can keep up with your school workload. You are also required to be open-minded, compassionate, and tolerant of the beliefs of others.

Maggie Talks About Her Year One Mentoring Experiences

Applying and Fees

How Much does it Cost?

Application Fee: FREE IN 2021

Tuition: $300

$300 for the year-long course and includes everything previously mentioned. It also includes all mp3 files, pdf files, video files, etc. While suggestions may be made throughout the year, you are under no obligation to purchase those things, and your studies will progress just fine.

This tuition is due in full before the start of the first month. You will be sent an invoice for the $300 once you are accepted and will need to pay it before being added to the Google Classroom.

Once the course starts, withdrawals are handled on a case-by-case basis and may or may not be eligible for a partial refund.