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TarotScope for October 2018

Aries:  Expect some good financial news this month Aries! The Page of Pentacles implies some good news coming your way in regards to money, finances, career, or job.  Around October 23rd any tug of wars you may have been experiencing with a mate, friend, or co-worker should be relaxing a bit. Likewise, communication difficulties, in general, should begin to slightly improve around October 10th. Despite the good news and improvements, an authority figure may make life more difficult for you or may force you to do something you’d otherwise would rather not do. If you have children or a child you may find that they have a strong independent streak this month and need to be allowed an outlet for it as opposed to having it squashed.

Taurus: The Tower Reversed implies that this month should be much better than last month! Despite this, expect a conflict between yourself and an important female. It’s also possible that the conflict is an internal conflict between embracing an aggressive or passive approach to dealing with what’s occurring around you. This month is certainly a month where it’s important to think through things before acting – but there will be a strong desire to take action throughout the month and this should be dialed back as much as possible in order to avoid making hasty mistakes.  Time is also a problem this month, Taurus. You’ll either feel there is more than enough time or not enough time in your day. Figuring out how to manage your time will go a long way in making this a great month!

Gemini: Gemini, the Nine of Swords indicates there is a lot going on in your mind this month, more so than usual. It also implies that sleep may be difficult as you move through the month. A sadness from the past is needing to be addressed and released from your subconscious – once this is done the mind returns to normal speed and sleep improves. Your psychic abilities are in overdrive this month and you find that you’re very tuned in to the people around you – both near and far. Halloween may be a good time to throw or attend a party, but it’s also important to be careful what you say and to who you speak on this day.

Cancer: The Six of Pentacles Reversed says that you need to save money this month. Though you may be tempted to loan out money or spend extra money (especially on a female daughter or close female friend), the suggestion is to currently be in saving mode. Until October 23rd it may feel like this month is an uphill struggle, but around the 23rd that struggle begins to dissipate. Important people in your life may have trouble seeing your point of view up to October 10th, after which they’re more likely to be in tune with you and your plans. There is the opportunity this month to change someone else’s life for the better and the best part is, you can do it simply by being yourself and not having to try – you just have to be present in their life.

Leo: Leo, the Nine of Cups Reversed reminds you this month that you can’t always get everything you want! Sometimes you have to be flexible to the plans of the Universe and simply go with the flow, having faith and trusting that it is leading you on a better path than what you had originally planned.  If you know a recovering drug addict or alcoholic you may find that this month proves to be difficult for them – your encouragement may be helpful in their journey. This whole month may have a sort of déjà-vu feeling to it and you may have to ask yourself how much of what you’re experiencing is connected to a past life? The Full Moon around the 24th of this month could potentially bring with it emotional upheaval, but it shouldn’t last too long. From October 10th to the 30th you may find others don’t want to listen much to what you have to say. Don’t take it personally, most of the time it really won’t have anything to do with you. Likewise, be aware that your inner hyperactive child may want to come out and thus you may find it taxing trying to concentrate on any one thing for too long a period of time.

Virgo: The Emperor, Virgo, indicates that this is a great month to settle into a solid foundation or routine. Your father becomes very important this month – regardless of if he is living or deceased. Memories associated with the father may prove to be enlightening or important. If you are a father, you may find your children need your guidance a bit more than normal – be patient with them if at all possible.  Halloween may just be one of the best days or nights you’ve had in a long time! Put your party hat on if you can! You may find this entire month feels like one giant internal tug of war between your values and the ideals of society. Sometimes it’s best not to try to prove a point…

Libra: Libra, socializing may be a bit more taxing this month than normal. The Three of Cups Reversed indicates that this is likely not the best month to attend or throw parties. Further, it also implies that friendships may be in a flux right now. It’s also a good idea this month to be extra cautious in not overindulging. Until October 23rd you may find you have more energy than normal and finding an outlet for this energy will be important. The New Moon around October 9th brings with it the ability to be extra diplomatic and sensitive when it comes to interacting with others.  A boss or employer may cramp your social style this month without realizing it or intending to. Try not to be frustrated with them. That same boss or employer (or some other authority figure if you are your own boss) may also have some interesting advice for you prior to the month’s end that you should seriously take into consideration.

Scorpio: The focus this month, Scorpio, is on being a stable person for other people in your life. The King of Pentacles indicates you are called to be grounded, down to earth, and stable as you move through this month. This may be a hard task, for your emotions will likely be pulled in multiple directions. It’s important to find at least one good friend this month that you see as being stable and speaking to them and listening to their advice. You’ll find that it’s best to keep important insights to yourself from October 10th to October 31st.  Around October 23rd you’re going to be finding your power and a new found energy is going to become present in your life. This is a perfect time for traveling or taking a much-needed break and catching up on some relaxation. October 5th to November 1st is a time when you will be making some important life changes – do not listen to the advice of a female or sister as you contemplate these changes. You must make the changes with your own free will and they must be changes you truly want and need in your life. Expect friction with either a sister or important female after the choice has been made, but continue to focus on being a stabilizing influence on the people around you.

Sagittarius: The Ten of Wands Reversed indicates that burdens are lessening for you this month Sagittarius! You no longer have to carry someone else’s burden and you’re also likely not having to work as hard as you’ve been working. Halloween is an especially important day for you – as it allows you to step outside your comfort zone and do something you either haven’t done in a long time or that you’ve never experienced before. While this may certainly be a month where you’re able to have more fun than previously, it’s important to also be realistic and not avoid major responsibilities.

Capricorn: The Four of Swords, Capricorn, indicates that this should be a month where you focus on some much-needed rest in your life. Last month may have proven to be hectic or filled with aspects of bad news relating to someone you cared deeply about. This month implies that the mind is still very much preoccupied with those events and perhaps even some worry about the future.  October 1st marks a time where you begin to think of how you can return to your point of power. Beware of a tendency to be explosive in actions or words as both are very powerful right now. Discipline is your keyword this month. It may be the discipline of children, it may be disciplining your own self, or it may be dealing with the discipline of the workplace environment. For some Capricorns, it will be all three!  Just remember to sprinkle in elements of fun and rest too!!!

Aquarius: The Eight of Pentacles Reversed, Aquarius, tells us that workplace stress will likely be a focal point of the month of October. It’s possible you’ll even consider changing jobs. If not, then routines in the workplace may undergo a transformation or change. This is a great month to take action and to put thoughts and ideas into action! It’s also an excellent time to connect with a close male friend or brother figure. Other people’s emotions and insecurities may very well drive you crazy around the Full Moon on the 24th of October – this might be a good day to hibernate or at the bare minimum, mentally prepare yourself for interacting with people that you know you’re not going to want to be around. It may prove hard to keep secrets from others or for others from the 10th to the 30th of October. October 5th to November 1st brings with it potential loneliness and sadness – try not to focus on a past relationship as it will only serve to stir up such emotions and there are certainly better ways you can spend your time. Consider, for example, taking a short road trip this month (either alone or with some friends) to break up any stagnation of day to day living.

Pisces: It’s quite possible that there is a female who is draining your energy and resources. The Queen of Pentacles Reversed is normally seen as a person that manipulates through the use of finances or resources. You may need to have a new strategy when dealing with her as the suggestion is that old strategies have not been working well. Much of this month will be a time when you’ll want to escape from reality. You may find yourself getting lost in movies, games, and potentially even a substance that is not good for you. It’s also possible you’ll sleep longer and get lost in your dreams or daydreams. It’s important to look for a feminine energy that can understand what you’re emotionally going through while at the same time keeping you grounded with your feet firmly in this reality. This month is also a month to focus on healing – especially healing past relationships and friendships.

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