Angel TarotScopes May 2019

Angel TarotScopes for May 2019

Angel TarotScopes for May 2019

What the tarot, astrology, and angels are saying to you....


This is a great month to communicate about the things you love as well as your wants and desires. It’s also a great time to connect with a sister or close female friend. Expect an ending to a financial situation to be headed your direction in May, although it may come unexpectedly and when you are least expecting it to. Also expect a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo to play a significant role in your life this month. The angels say that finding balance should be your primary goal as you move through the month. Whatever you choose to do this month, do it fully and without regret.


You may find yourself over thinking this month, especially about what is expected of you or how you are supposed to behave. This is a month for you to shine! Speak up and don’t hide. Friendships may be very hard to trust right now, but soon enough you will know who your real friends are. You may find you’re exploring a lot when it comes to religion/philosophy/cultures that are different from your own. This exploration is good for you so long as you and you alone determine what is right and not right for yourself. A manipulative man may attempt to block or stifle your creativity – take the high road and rise above him and his efforts. The angels mention that freedom should be your goal as you move through May. But what is it you are supposed to be freeing yourself from? Only you will know that answer.


This is an action month! It’s time to stop waiting and thinking and start doing and this month is the perfect time to put plans into action. You will receive a tremendous amount of guidance and insight from your inner voice and higher self this month – so be sure to pay attention, but more importantly, be sure to act on it! Female friends are of special importance right now and they can be very healing for you so long as you’re clear about your personal boundaries. You may find yourself feeling a bit confused about what you’re supposed to do within your career this month, but with your talent for communication it would be a perfect time to use communication to spread a message or word (this could be through writing, radio, tv, lecturing, or any other way one communicates). Others look to you this month for help and support, but you must know what you can and can’t give or else you’ll let others pressure you into doing something you’ll later regret. The angels speak of the need for awareness this month – so keep your eyes, ears, and mind open as you move through the month.


Déjà Vu’s may be common this month as you find yourself re-experiencing aspects of your past lives especially as they relate to having to do things on your own. The subconscious mind is hyperactive this month, do your best to face and communicate about your fears and not stuff them away. Good friends can help make this month flow quickly. Don’t shy away from them, but embrace the sudden and unexpected opportunities for socialization that they bring to you. In your career, you will need to communicate clearly about your expectations and values else things may fall apart. It is not a good month to hibernate. Doing so will only allow the fears within the subconscious to be more focused upon and thus more real. The angels say you need to find something to give your full attention to and focus on that this month. Should what you’re focusing on be accomplished, it’s important to refocus your full attention on something else.


This is a great month to have fun and take well-calculated risks! It’s also a good month to interact with children. You may discover you have to focus on a great deal of responsibility in your day to day life, but that will be changing by the year’s end. You may get an amazing offer in your career and it could come out of the blue. Chances are it will be a good one! Another Leo or an Aries or Sagittarius woman inspires you to be your best self this month. Watch your temper though! The angels speak of the need to focus on forgiveness this month. They say it is important to forgive both the self, but also another person. Perhaps that one person you’re having the most difficulty with is the person you need to work most on forgiving? Sometimes forgiveness has a way of helping good karmic energy flow into our life again and that’s something we all can use a little more of.


While it may not appear there are a great many opportunities for you this month that’s no reason to not do your best and keep your focus. This is especially true within your career where you may discover much of your time is spent this month doing “busy body” work. The angels imply that when you do your best and keep your focus it always leads to abundance in some form or another. You may also discover this month that values you thought were set in stone will have much more wiggle room than you had originally believed. Your own psychic abilities appear to be blossoming this month! Relationships, on the other hand, may require you to see more than what you’re allowing yourself to see.


The home may be changing in some form this month. It could be that you’re moving, but it also might be as simple as making repairs or rearranging the furniture. There may be a need to connect with others this month. When it comes to relationships and relating it’s important this month to establish who you are to those you relate with and what you’re expectations are. Don’t leave anything to guesswork. Yes, it may be hard for you to assert yourself sometimes, but this month it’s important you do so with those you are closes to. Your higher self and spiritual guides will be quite active this month and seek to impress much insight to you especially as it relates to your day to day life, your health, and your pets. So listen up! A world of possibilities is on the agenda and you need to be your best self and well rested to both be aware of when those possibilities are presenting themselves and to take advantage of them. The angels whisper that belief is everything! So what do you believe? Is it a healthy belief or a destructive one? If destructive, this would be a good month to change that belief into something far more productive.


Finances are about to improve dramatically – perhaps becoming the best you’ve seen in a while and for some of the younger Scorpions out there, it may be the best it has ever been. With this improvement, however, comes an authority figure in your life that will attempt to squash your hopes and dreams. A power struggle with them could be brewing – but this is not the month to engage in power struggles! Don’t wear blinders when it comes to children or having fun. The more realistically you see things the better you’re able to offer your deep and proving insights or let go and have fun. A sister or female friend may need your help this month, don’t expect to receive much in return though. Do it for the good karma it brings, not what you’re going to get from them. An unexpected journey or trip may arise for you and a relationship partner. If you allow yourself to enjoy it and just be present with it chances are it will be good for the relationship. As you move through the month you may discover you’re being asked to carry other people’s burdens. Remember, something is only a burden if you do not want to do it. The angels indicate it’s an important month to express yourself – be it verbally or creatively!


This month is supposed to be about you! You may feel guilty and want to make it about others, but the whole month of May is supposed to be about focusing on your needs and goals and not caring what others think of it. Watch excesses this month as there could well be a tendency to overdo a great many things. Finances and important matters may be moving slower than you expected them to. It’s important to dot the I’s and cross the t’s and there are times when this can take far longer than it should. If you lose patience you may find the process taking even longer! In the family, you may find that you no longer fill the role you once filled. This may cause certain family members to be unsure of how to look at or respond to you. Even though it may not be your strong suit, attempt to be sensitive to them and the fact they have to get to know this new you. A female child or children may talk your ear off this month! Be wary of battles in relationships, especially romantic relationships and business partnerships. It’s easy this month for tempers to get out of control in these two spheres. It’s important to know when to just walk away from things and let it go and when to stand your ground. The angels claim you need to master inner authority this month. That is, you need to learn to be sure of and in complete control of yourself, your thoughts, and your beliefs.


Capricorn, this looks to be a slow month for you! The keyword this month could very well be delay. It’s also important not to rush and to take your time with all that you do. A father figure or authority figure (this may even include a husband if you’re married) may seem to have unrealistic expectations of you or your situation, but don’t go out of your way to meet those expectations – especially if you’re just not capable of doing so. Your life is changing! You are becoming an authority figure yourself in some manner and area of life. Learning when and how to best use your authority is a key lesson right now and this lesson will be active all the way through October of 2020!  The angels imply much willpower is needed this month. Remember, there is a difference between willpower and being willful. Willpower is a reserve you can draw upon to accomplish on your own things that require great effort. Willful is attempting to show others “I don’t need you” or “I can do it myself!” Having a willful attitude will get you to proverbial “slap on the wrist.” Having willpower will get you through the difficulties when there is no help available. Also, pay attention to your romantic relationship this month… doesn’t it feel like you’ve done this before? What were you supposed to be learning and how can you apply the lesson now?


Family patterns can appear in your life in surprising and unexpected ways this month. Perhaps they are appearing so you can purposefully challenge or change them? If you like the pattern it gives you the opportunity to make better use of it. If you don’t, this is a great time to release or change it. Finances are hard to get a grasp on this month so try not to focus too much time and energy on them or over worry. You always find creative solutions to your problems and now will be no different. There may be an unexpected visitor to your home this month. As surprised as you are, it will be good for you to be accommodating as this unexpected visitor may later prove to be an invaluable ally. The real focus of May, Aquarius, is on the fun. What do you do for fun? This is the month to let your brain rot just a bit and get away from the monotony of life. You may not realize it, but you have a great deal of pent up energy. Traveling could be a great way to release that energy, but so could engaging in anything that you find enjoyable. The angels tell me that fulfillment is your focus and goal in May. In other words, you must actively seek to find some degree of fulfillment in your life above and beyond what may already appear to be there. While there is no straight answer on exactly how to do that, since it is left up to your free will, your own creative spirit will no doubt uncover the way. You just have to follow.


Who are you? This is the key question you are called to answer in the month of May. Chances are, you don’t know. But the way you define yourself now will play an important role in your life over the next eight to nine years – so consider the answer carefully. You may discover you are communicating with a sister or close female friend this year – and it may be possible it’s been a while since you’ve heard from them. Still, they too will need to know who you are. Unexpected offers and opportunities continue to come your way. You may find yourself taking a great many short or long distance trips this month as you explore these offers. The home may be somewhat in flux right now… just go with it. By next month it should feel more stable. In relationships, it’s important to watch your critical nature. Sometimes you don’t realize just how critical you can sound, especially when you are passionate about what you are talking about. Not everyone deals well or effectively with criticism and some people even shut down altogether. This is a good month to focus on mending your heart. You are realizing that what was in the past is now “water under the bridge.” Still, some hurt may remain and it is your job to work on healing that hurt and expanding in new directions. The Angels claim that change is both here and more is still to come. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it – for it may well be what you’ve always wanted and imagined and even more.

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