Angel Cards April 2019

Angel Cards for April 2019

In 1993, Stillpoint Publishing released an angel oracle deck and book combination entitled Angelic Messenger Cards.  I’ve been using these cards off and on since the late 1990s. While tarot is still my go to for private sessions, I do enjoy experimenting with the Angelic Messenger Cards, which is what I’m doing in this blog post.

I’ve drawn an angel card for each astrological sun sign and I’ve applied the meaning to each sign so as to provide some insights and guidance for the month ahead.

I hope some of you enjoy this and find it refreshing from a standard TarotScope or Horoscope.



Aries: Relaxation

This is a card that belongs to the Rejuvenation group of cards. Aries, this month is about giving yourself permission to take care of you.  Take some time to get out and connect with nature and to observe how the natural world around you thrives and survives.  Know that without relaxation you are only ever living half a life and never a full life. Attempt to learn something new from nature each day as you move through this month of April.

Taurus: Acknowledgement

This is a card that belongs to the Alignment group of cards. Taurus, do you know who you are? This month you are called to deeply explore that question and come to some realization about who you are and your purpose in life. Remember, you always have the ability to define who you are, but that definition, no matter when you give it to yourself, will color everything around you for as long as you hold on to it. Pay attention to your heart’s desire this month and actively pursue it. Chances are you won’t regret it.

Gemini: Passion

This is a card that belongs to the Partnership group of cards. Oh Gemini, this is a complex and confusion card. Passion is not about following your passions, but it deals with the transformation of negative emotions into positive ones. Frustration, stagnation, depression, fear, sadness, anger… all these emotions can block and hold you back. While you may want and crave intimacy with another, unless you can transform these emotions into more positive ones such as calmness, activity, happiness, confidence, joy, and love – it will be quite hard to have that intimacy with another that you so much desire.  As a bonus tip: Allow yourself to focus on compassion this month. Thirty days of focusing on compassion for all others will go a long way in transforming the negative into the positive and attracting and enhancing the intimacy in your life.

Cancer: Release

This is a card that belongs to the Alignment group of cards. Cancer, why do you allow yourself to struggle so much? Why do you feel you’re not good enough or doing your best? This card appears when a person needs to validate their inner feelings and emotions as well as accept their own inner guidance. Learn to release your struggles and accept that a Higher Power (whatever you desire to call it) is guiding and leading everything to be exactly as it needs to be. Believe in yourself and your ability and release doubts about both your inner and outer world. Then you can receive and enjoy in life, which is far more important than just surviving.

Leo: Divine Guidance

This is considered to be a Wild Card. The focus of Divine Guidance, Leo, is to give up needing to get advice and confirmation from other people, and instead trust your own inner voice. Divine Guidance shows up when our hearts and minds are open to hearing the angelic world and spirit world. This is a great month to focus on meditation or doing anything that enhances your spiritual or mystical side. Treat this month as a sacred month and live each day as though it was the only day that matters. Forget focusing on the past or future, but remain connected to the power and presence of now.

Virgo: Healing

This is a card that belongs to the Nourishment group of cards. Virgo, this is a month of healing. It is a month to focus on healing yourself, but also a month to focus on being a healing presence in the lives of others.  Since at its core healing requires love, this is also a month in which you are called both to love yourself and give love to others. Of course, there are many ways to give love – the trick is to discover the method of loving that works best for you. Is it physical touch? Giving gifts? Providing an act of service? Maybe it’s simply listening and acknowledging the pain of another? Regardless, find your method and practice it as you move through the month. As a side note – you may also find your meditation periods extra healing this month too.

Libra: Introspection

This is a card that belongs to the Rejuvenation group of cards. Time to check in on how you’re feeling Libra! Introspection is all about taking time away from the world around you to ponder and process recent events and life itself. This month you are going through a spiritual transformation of sorts. This may require extra “alone” time to process. While not everyone will be excited about you needing this self time, they will very soon be thankful that you did indeed do some introspecting. Many important choices are coming up. Others can provide insight and advice, but at the end of the day you need to take the time to weigh and consider all sides before you make your decisions. Remember, they don’t have to live with the consequences, you do.  This is also a good month to connect with or spend time with an animal companion.

Scorpio: Commitment

This is a card that belongs to the Alignment group of cards. Scorpio, this card is a reminder to be careful of the commitments you make both to yourself and to other people. Once you commit to something, you tie your energy to it, which means you are obligated to follow through with the commitment or deal with serious consequences for not doing so. There is a deeper meaning here too. You are also called, this month, to focus your energy on committing to developing your inner world. Expect others to ask for your help and guidance this month, but remember to choose carefully who you commit your energy too. As long as they are listening and doing something with your help it’s worth doing. If, however, they are going to ignore your help and guidance, you have to ask yourself “Is this a commitment I really want to continue to give my time and energy to?”

Sagittarius: Potential

This is a card that belongs to the Partnership group of cards. This is a good month to focus on expanding love, joy, and creativity.  Sagittarius, you sometimes forget that you are in fact a very creative person who was put on this planet to use that creativity to help others experience love and joy.  Change is on the horizon, but with change comes new potential and new possibilities. Work on changing the patterns of interaction between yourself and others this month. Realize that sometimes what feels safe is actually your subconscious’s way of attempting to hold you back from achieving and reaching your full potential.

Capricorn: Power

This is a card that belongs to the Integration group of cards. Capricorn, you’re one of the three power signs to being with. Being powerful comes naturally to you. This card reminds you of the importance of using your power. Knowing when to give an order and not feel bad about it and when to wait for someone else to take the lead is one of your big lessons this month. As you go about giving orders this month, be sure to be crystal clear about what the order is and what your expectations are otherwise you may not get the results you’re looking or hoping for. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth and don’t feel guilty about doing so either! This is also a good month to focus on using your inner power to overcome obstacles and challenges that you’ve been putting off dealing with.

Aquarius: Tenderness

This is a card that belongs to the Partnership group of cards. The focus of the month of April, Aquarius, is on communication in its many forms. From public speaking to writing, you will need to be in communication mode this month. Additionally, you’ll find the need to let go of past negative influences completely if you’re to embrace the future. Expect all relationships to go through changes this month in some form and don’t try to keep them from becoming what they will become. Be tender to yourself and others by being flexible and accepting of differences in opinion and beliefs. The tenderer you are this month the better relationships can change to reach the exact state they are supposed to be. Be in observation mode and learn as much as you can from every interaction. Finally, be sure to create and verbalize the most important rules that you have for each other so as to eliminate any confusion or guesswork.

Pisces: Balance

This is a card that belongs to the Integration group of cards.  Pisces, this month is all about balance. It’s about finding your balance and living life from a balanced perspective. You are reminded of the importance of living in the moment and how it is a balanced state of being.  Inner balance requires one to have inner wellbeing and thus it’s important for you to do what you need to do in order to feel that sense of inner wellbeing.  Don’t, however, stop being physically active. Go for a walk. Spend some time at a gym. Try doing a short drive. Anything that allows you to move your energy will further help to establish both within and around you the state of balance that you so dearly love. Don’t just move. True balance requires us to pay attention to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Ask yourself: “What can I do to balance my spiritual life?” By pulling all this together, you’ll discover that as you move toward the end of April that balance isn’t just a fantasy, but something that really does exist.

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