Tarot Study Tools

Study Tools for the Tarot Student

From flash cards to games, there are many methods beginning students, and advanced card readers can use to improve their tarot reading skills. A young tarot student is faced with many challenges in learning to accurately read the major and minor arcane. For most students that study tarot reading, they start learning to read the […]

Tarot Minor Arcana for Beginners

Tarot Minor Arcana Meanings for Beginners

Learning the meanings of Minor Arcana of the Tarot requires time, study, and practice. By this point, you should have already read Tarot Reading Basics, Tarot Keyword Lists for the Major Arcana and Understanding the Court Cards. I’ll be providing two to three keywords or keyword phrases for each minor card in both their upright […]

Major Arcana Keywords for Tarot Beginners

Tarot Keyword List of the Majors

Though it’s not the best way for a new Tarot student to learn, one popular way of teaching new tarot students how to read the tarot is by the keyword method. This process involves the student of Tarot memorizing or learning various keywords to a tarot card and then applying those meanings to reading. Today […]

How to Learn to Read the Tarot?

Tarot Readings Basics

A lot of my students ask me, “Do I need to be psychic to do tarot readings?” The answer is no. Tarot readings do not require the reader to be psychic. Intuition, of course, will play a significant role in a tarot reading, but you don’t have to be psychic to read the cards. The […]

Understanding the Court Cards

Understanding the Court Cards

When teaching tarot classes, I have found that one of the most challenging areas of tarot interpretation for students is within the court cards. Before we begin this brief tutorial on court cards, you should read and fully understand the following article: Tarot Reading Basics Now let’s get to work on understanding the court cards. […]