How to Break Old Attachments

How to Break Old Attachments

People form attachments to each other instinctively. They occur naturally regardless of if we want them to. Of course, not every attachment is negative. Sometimes an attachment can benefit a person, acting as a source of positive inspiration and influence. There are other times, however, when being attached to someone can hold a person back […]

What is a mystic?

What is a Mystic and What are Mystical Experiences?

I have had the domain name mysticjohnculbertson for over ten years now. During the whole time I’ve had that name I’ve given classes and workshops, have advised many, and have composed my first books and blog posts. Yet, I’ve never once ventured into the reason I chose that name. Though I’m sure some out there […]

Difference Between Psychic and Medium

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and Medium?

Learning the difference between a psychic and medium is not complicated. The best way to remember it is by telling yourself that for the most part every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. Psychic is a broad term used to describe anyone that makes use of what most consider to […]

Can a Psychic Healer Sense Other Healers?

Can a Psychic Healer Sense Other Healers?

For November’s Question of the month it is asked can a psychic healer sense other healers? Additionally, there were a few other similar questions that were sent in which are going to be grouped together in the same post. The main question was an interesting one sent in to me by one of our regular […]

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

When I think about the question “can a psychic predict death” it reminds me of an article that I read back in 2014. I was reading about how science had discovered a new way to predict death. Apparently, there is a blood test now that can be run which basically will tell your doctor if […]

Can You Do the LBRP Anywhere?

Can You Do the Lesser Banishing Ritual Anywhere Anytime?

For December’s question of the month we answer the question can you do the Lesser Banishing Ritual anywhere anytime? The quick answer is yes. This is especially true once you have mastered the ritual and know it inside and out by heart. Even so, if you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you […]

Why Don't Psychic Predictions Always Come True?

Why Don’t Psychic Predictions Always Come True?

“Why don’t psychic predictions always come true?” The young lady was very frustrated by a recent session she had with another psychic. It was a question that was driving her crazy and one that I had thought a great deal about over the course of my career. Psychic predictions unfortunately are not an exact science. […]