Difference Between Fortunetelling and Divination

What’s the Difference between Fortunetelling and Divination?

Some people like to get tarot readings or do astrology sessions. Others are intrigued by the idea of seeing a palmist and being told what their palm says. Still, other people want to sit with a psychic with visions so they can be told what they “see” for or around them. However, many people don’t […]

Psychic Reading Motives and Client Styles

Understanding the Motives of People Who Get Psychic Readings

Note: This article appears under psychic development because it was originally written for students who were learning to do psychic readings. Having been a professional psychic for many years, I can tell you that people have different reasons and motives for getting a psychic reading. In this article, I will explain and describe nine of these […]

When to Get a Psychic Reading

When Should I Get a Psychic Reading?

Getting a psychic reading is supposed to be a fun experience and provide you with insights into who you are, what your problems are, and where you can take your life. However, there is a right time and a wrong time to get an intuitive coaching session. Besides knowing how to get a psychic session, […]

Spiritual Counseling vs. Psychic Readings

Spiritual Counseling vs. Psychic Readings

Ever since I was ordained as a metaphysical minister I’ve been offering spiritual counseling. Spiritual counseling is an important service, but some people are afraid to get involved in it. In fact, there seems to be a perception that psychic readings are “better” than spiritual counseling and that only severely mentally harmed people would do […]

Tarot Minor Arcana for Beginners

Tarot Minor Arcana Meanings for Beginners

Learning the meanings of Minor Arcana of the Tarot requires time, study, and practice. By this point, you should have already read Tarot Reading Basics, Tarot Keyword Lists for the Major Arcana and Understanding the Court Cards. I’ll be providing two to three keywords or keyword phrases for each minor card in both their upright […]

3 Reasons to See a Professional Psychic

3 Reasons to See a Professional Psychic

To many individuals, seeing a professional psychic in order to seek psychic help seems to be an odd thing to do. The rise of various technological breakthroughs has changed the beliefs and lifestyles of people from all across the world and seeking advice from a psychic is the last thing in their minds. However, there are […]

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

Can a Psychic Predict Death?

When I think about the question “can a psychic predict death” it reminds me of an article that I read back in 2014. I was reading about how science had discovered a new way to predict death. Apparently, there is a blood test now that can be run which basically will tell your doctor if […]

Major Arcana Keywords for Tarot Beginners

Tarot Keyword List of the Majors

Though it’s not the best way for a new Tarot student to learn, one popular way of teaching new tarot students how to read the tarot is by the keyword method. This process involves the student of Tarot memorizing or learning various keywords to a tarot card and then applying those meanings to reading. Today […]

Avoiding Psychic Fraud

Avoiding Psychic Fraud

Did you know that avoiding psychic fraud can be easy when you are armed with the knowledge of what exactly to look for? In this article, I’ll explore with you not only the signs to be on the lookout for, but I’ll also talk about how much a psychic should charge, the best method for finding […]

Why Don't Psychic Predictions Always Come True?

Why Don’t Psychic Predictions Always Come True?

“Why don’t psychic predictions always come true?” The young lady was very frustrated by a recent session she had with another psychic. It was a question that was driving her crazy and one that I had thought a great deal about over the course of my career. Psychic predictions unfortunately are not an exact science. […]