Personalized Mentorship Program with John Culbertson

  • Are you ready for the next spiritual step?
  • Are you attempting to figure out exactly what that next step is?
  • Do you want personalized tutoring, guidance, and instruction in psychic development, magick, solitary Wicca, shamanism, healing, astrology, western occultism (Kabbal Pathworking), or tarot reading?
  • Do you feel alone in your spiritual journey and just need a guide to walk alongside you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, spiritual mentoring with John Culbertson may be right for you.

John Culbertson offers one-on-one spiritual mentoring and has for years. Your spiritual mentoring program is designed specifically for you and is aimed at helping you grow and develop spiritually while also addressing the topic or topics that are most important to you.

John specializes in helping people learn and develop psychic abilities and he loves introducing people to the solitary Wiccan path – especially those with no or limited experience. However, he is proficient in a variety of spiritual paths and topics and is more than willing to help you obtain your spiritual goals.

John will work with you by offering instruction, guidance, assistance, and critical feedback to move you forward in your personal journey.

Program Outline

Spiritual Mentoring OverviewEvaluation Session: John spends an hour and a half with you to assess and determine what direction your mentoring program needs to take. What are you hoping to learn? Why do you want to learn it? How will it change your life? This session will ensure you and John are both on the same page. It allows you to get initial questions answered, allows your and John’s energy to begin the merging process, and also allows John to gather a great deal of information that will serve as the guidepost for your program.

Four One Hour Sessions: Every month you and John will connect for an hour. This hour involves reviewing homework, providing instruction, and many times practicing practical application.

Final Session: The last session wraps up mentoring and includes John’s final observations, feedback, and suggestions for continued growth and development. It also allows you to provide John with feedback.

Also Included: The ability to email John throughout the mentoring program and get priority responses to your emails. Many students use email as a sort of journal to explore and get John’s thoughts on what is occurring in their life.

If you desire to continue mentoring, the process repeats.

Fees Assocaited with Mentoring

The fee for one-on-one mentoring is $375.




Who Do You Contact For More Information?

If you have questions about the mentoring program prior to purchasing it, you can contact John by using the contact form.

Please put “Mentoring” in the Subject Line.



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Rick Jenkins

“John has been an incredible influence in my life since the day that I met him. He has taught me in tarot card reading and also with psychic development. He also provided me with guidance on life situations when I had nowhere else to turn. The insight that John has brought to me and my life has been nothing short of profound. Thank you, John, for everything that you have done for me and all of the other people that have had the pleasure of knowing you or experiencing your gift!”

Rick Jenkins
North Port, Florida, United States