Tarot Sessions

A tarot session is a wonderful way of gaining insight into life. A tarot session with me also involves some numerology and spiritual advising. These sessions generally cover your past, present, and possible future based on where things appear to be currently heading. Most are not future/prediction oriented, but rather are more focused on healing and what can be done to reinforce or change where things appear to be headed.

I offer one-on-one in-person and phone psychic reading sessions from my private home in Port Charlotte, FL. at a rate of $100 an hour or $60 for a half hour. Overtime is billed at $2 per minute.

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“I cannot say enough about Rev. John Culbertson. His compassionate words, ability to listen and actually hear me, and his profound insight always leave me feeling confident, hopeful, and connected. Our sessions are deep, intimate, and fun! He inspires me to go within, to ponder the lesson encompassed in all of my circumstances, and reminds me of my own intuition and strength to make the most of this life. I value his companionship, but even more, I appreciate his approach. He doesn’t wish for dependency but rather for us to empower ourselves so that we can find our own answers in times of uncertainty and doubt. He is an absolute blessing and has helped me in more ways than he can begin to imagine. Thank you, John!”Ciera Flinders, St. Louis

“John is awesome,  just awesome. He able to zone in on the thoughts of others and give you a very detailed reading. He did not know that the person I was wanting to know about smoked but he was able to smell smoke around him and confirmed the fact. He is very accurate in his readings and predictions. EXCEPTIONAL and caring psychic that will not tell you what you want to hear but rather what you need to hear.” – Wayne, Sacramento

“Rev. Culbertson is right on with his predictions and the timing is very accurate. His ability to see a situation and the potential outcome is uncanny. He gives great advice to help solve every situation. Direct, no sugar coating just the plain facts as he sees them. He is quick to identify problems and to give accurate solutions. Very personable and caring throughout his reading. He is my go-to for a quick accurate reading every time.” – W.W., Elk Grove

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