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Tarot Readings

What is Divination?Tarot readings use the 78 cards of the Tarot to provide insight and guidance for life.

Divided into the Major and Minor Arcana, these cards help a person tune into and understand their higher self and deep subconscious mind.

This oracle can help with making life decisions, providing information about the past, present, and future, and even exploring psychological issues.

These sessions are not fortune-telling sessions, but somewhat more spiritual counseling sessions, whereas the cards not only help provide information and insights, but also unlock the door for deeper exploration and healing.



“John is great! He can look into you, into your aura and energy, help you with guidance to cleanse your energy, and teach you how to succeed in life with a better attitude. John has given me a lot of information and has taught me how to have good energy around me. What threw me off was that he could see how, through the practices on the phone call, my energy was changing. Thank you, John! Your information will help me a lot!”

Plantation, Florida, United State

“Dear John, thank you for today. I almost didn’t call. I’m happy I did. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders! I feel like I have the strength now to continue and set boundaries. Thanks so much. I’m hoping to move forward in a more positive direction and with more strength than I had before. BTW I briefly spoke with him, and I did address a couple of things W/O going too in-depth over the phone. I feel like he is willing to make some changes, and I’m happy about that. Thank you again, and I look forward to touching base with you soon in a different and better situation. Thank you for your healing.”

Spangle Taylor

“WOW! Today was my first time to have a reading with John, and he was amazing, and spot on! He described the friend I was calling about to a “T,” and he gave me a lot of incredible information! All he needed was my birthday and my friend’s birthday, and he just ran with the information as he saw it! I’m so praying what he said is true, as he sure did give me some positive and healthy hopes so that I won’t be beating myself up anymore. Thank you!”

A. L.
Houston, Texas, United States