Tarot and Oracle Readings

I offer one-on-one in person and phone sessions from my private office in St. Joseph, MO. All services are offered at a rate of $100 an hour ($50 ½ hour). All sessions should be booked in advanced. For more information or to schedule an appointment, email admin@mysticjohnculbertson.com or use the contact form.



The Tarot is a wonderful tool for both making predictions and gaining insight into life. A psychic tarot reading with me also involves some numerology, astrology, and channeling. Channeling is the process of connecting to and passing along information from my and your angels and spiritual guides. These readings generally cover your past, present, and possible future based on where things appear to be currently heading. Most are not future/prediction oriented, but rather are more focused on healing and what can be done to reinforce or change where things appear to be headed.


Email Sessions

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Year at a Glance Email Tarot Reading – $65

1 Question Email Reading – $24.95

Spiritual Animal Guide – $24.95