Psychic John Culbertson

John Culbertson

On this page, you can schedule a private phone session with me.

I focus on eclectic spirituality to heal the past and create a better future – something I believe everyone can do. Together, we can embark on a spiritual counseling journey, engage with the insightful tarot cards, or educate the mind and expand consciousness through one-on-one mentoring.

Let’s awaken your spirit, balance your energies, and get inspired to manifest and create an amazing life!

Tarot Readings ($60)

What is Divination?Tarot readings use the 78 cards of the Tarot to provide insight and guidance for life.

Divided into the Major and Minor Arcana, these cards help a person tune into and understand their higher self and deep subconscious mind.

This oracle can help make life decisions, provide information about the past, present, and future, and even explore psychological issues.

These 30 minute sessions are not fortune-telling sessions. The cards help provide information and insights and unlock the door for deeper exploration and healing.

Spiritual Counseling ($297)

What is Metaphysical Counseling?
Spiritual counseling is done from a metaphysical perspective. I am an ordained metaphysical minister with a master’s degree in metaphysical science. I am also a certified metaphysical practitioner of spiritual mind treatment.

You will spend an hour a week for a total of six weeks working through and processing the negative life events of your past. You will also improve positive thinking, correct negative thinking patterns, and forgive yourself and others. You will discover and experience various methods for healing the damage connected to your past.

Homework is assigned weekly to reinforce what is being worked on during your sessions.

This form of counseling is done from a spiritual perspective and does not involve tarot cards, numerology, or any other divination form.

Spiritual Mentoring ($497)

I offer one-on-one spiritual mentoring and have for years. Your spiritual mentoring program is designed specifically for you. It aims to help you grow and develop spiritually while also addressing the topic or topics that are most important to you.

I specialize in helping people learn and develop psychic abilities, and I love introducing people to the solitary Wiccan path – especially those with no or limited experience. However, I am proficient in various spiritual paths and topics and am more than willing to help you obtain your spiritual goals.

I will work with you by offering instruction, guidance, assistance, and critical feedback to move you forward in your personal journey.

Mentoring starts with a session that helps me assess and determine your mentoring program’s direction. What are you hoping to learn? Why do you want to learn it? How will it change your life? This session ensures we are both on the same page. It allows you to get initial questions answered, allows our energy to begin the merging process, and also allows me to gather a great deal of information that will serve as the guidepost for your program.

This is followed by 10 weeks of mentoring. Every week we will connect for an hour. This hour involves reviewing homework, providing instruction, and many times practicing practical application.

The last session wraps up mentoring and includes my final observations, feedback, and suggestions for continued growth and development. It also allows you to provide me with feedback.

The ability to email me throughout the mentoring program and get priority responses to your emails is also included in the price. Many students use email as a journal to explore and get my thoughts on what is occurring in their lives.

If you desire to continue mentoring, the process repeats.