John Culbertson is one of the most sought after Spiritual Advisors in the World


1. JOIN THE VIP CLUB = $45/month

John’s VIP Club is a special place where spiritual seekers gather. As a VIP member you’ll get a few different benefits, but the biggest perk is the fact that one 45 minute session is included for each month that you are a member. Learn more about the VIP Club!


John loves to work one-on-one with people and share his expertise and knowledge. Though his time is limited these days, he still finds time for working with private clients.

John’s private sessions combine tarot, astrology, numerology, and channeling with psychological insight and metaphysical counseling. This enables him to look at almost any topic that is of concern to you in an in-depth manner.

If you’d like to claim your spot for a private reading — click below to request a call-back at the advisory-client rate of just $300 per hour. You’ll be taken to another page where you’ll need to click on the request a callback button again. This will take you to a signup form. After you fill-out the signup form you can decide how much money to add to your account. Once you’ve added money to your account you can can click on the callback button again to be put in line to speak with John.

Currently John does callbacks at 9PM CST Monday-Friday. This means once you are added to his queue, you can expect to get a call at 9PM for your private session, unless someone is in line ahead of you – then it will be as soon as that call is finished.


YOUR PERSONAL SPIRITUAL MENTOR isn’t for everyone. If you’re not capable of taking constructive criticism and aren’t willing to practice what you learn, then you will receive very little value from the program. For those who are able and willing, there is much to be learned and gained. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner in spiritual practices or have had years of experience – working with John will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

The PERSONAL SPIRITUAL MENTOR package is for the more sophisticated and affluent minded individual.

As a mentee you will get:

  • As many sessions a year as you need or desire. John will be your dedicated spiritual guide. If you want a session everyday, you’ve got it!*
  • Access to John’s private cell phone number to text him as often as you like. You can expect a reply usually within 24 hours.
  • Access to John’s private email address.
  • Free access to John’s eBooks (on request)
  • The ability to book appointments directly through John via email or text.

Everyone has the ability to learn to connect with their higher self, the higher power, and their spiritual guides. The purpose of the PERSONAL SPIRITUAL MENTOR program is to help you master this ability and learn to trust it. Everyone also has the ability to change their life for the better. The PERSONAL SPIRITUAL MENTOR program accomplishes this too! In fact, by the end of the one year you and your life will have transformed in ways that most people can’t dream possible.

The cost for this program is $10,000/year.

*Up to one 45 minute session a day Monday-Friday excluding major Holidays.

A request form to let John know you're interested in being mentored by him.