Psychic Predictions for the Future of the United States

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Psychic WorksopWill The World See The Fall of a Super Power?

United States history has been full of conflicts and struggles mixed with great success. These current psychic predictions, however, indicating the fall of the super power are unsettling. You may also want to check out his 2014 U.S.A. Predictions.

I, John Culbertson, am not a doomsday prophet. Never have been, never will be. At the same time, however, I do feel a certain sense of responsibility to pass along certain information which my spirit teachers, animal spirits, and angel guides have given to me.

We are at a scary time period in our lives. It won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last time. However, some of the visions I’ve seen, words that have been spoken to me, and feelings that I’ve been impressed with don’t point to a very positive direction for the United States.

Here is a list of predictions for the future of the United States. Predictions which hopefully won’t ever come to pass. The main guide which has passed along this information to me is named Marcius. He’s a monk that at one time, in his physical time in this world, lived on Mount Marsico. For the rest of this post I’m going to turn it over to him.

“Before we begin, people must understand that destiny is never truly set in stone. Things are constantly in a state of flux and change. You, the people, have a choice… you all have the ability to influence and make a difference. You may not believe this and, shamefully, many of you will lazily sit in your chairs or on your sofas and watch world events unfold and say ‘Gee, I hope things get better,” yet few will ever make an attempt to do something about the world. The worse thing a human being can do is forget that they are one step below the angels. That’s right, God’s angels. You are one step below them. As such you possess within you a remarkable ability to create and manifest. You can do this mentally, you can do this physically, or you can choose to not do it at all. If you do nothing else, you can pray. This simple, yet humble act, does more good than what most people ever fully give credit to it.

If none of you decide to do anything, however, here is what can be expected.

  • You are in the process, as of right now (January 19, 2012), of losing and totally destroying the country which your forefathers worked so hard to discover and build for you. Freedom and rights, which you were always taught that you had, are in a slow process of being taken away. The U.S. is going from a democracy, to a tyranny.


  • If something doesn’t change soon your country, the United States, will crumble far worse than it already has. The U.S. will be shunned by the world far worse than what it already is, and it will be involved in wars which cannot be won.


  • The United States economy is going to crumble again, this time worse than what it had originally. People of this day and age say it can’t get any worse, those people did not live through the great stock market crash and depression of the late 1910s through the early 1960s. Especially, the worst times of the late 1920s to the late 1930s. It can get worse. If something doesn’t change, it will get worse.


  • The people of the U.S. have and continue to elect leaders who not only don’t know what they are doing, but worse still, are following a personal agenda. A personal agenda which is jeopardizing not just some, but the whole of the United States.


  • There is the strong potential for their to be much life lost through new and useless wars. Wars which, as previously mentioned, are motivated through a personalized agenda.


  • There will be new bills and legislation which the government claims is for the protection of the people and yet in the course of trying to protect the people, the government will be making the people of its own country far more vulnerable to loosing their own basic essential rights as Americans.


  • If nothing changes, the United States boarders will be closed off at some point in the next 5-6 years. Flying to and from the United States will be impossible.


  • If nothing changes, you can easily expect gas prices at around $6.75 to $7.25 a gallon before the end of 2015.


  • If the government does not change, the United States can expect a rebellion and revolution once again within the country, a possible second Civil War.


  • If you, the people and your government, change nothing, U.S. citizens will be held against their will in concentration like camps. This is currently anticipated to happen by 2018.


  • Tolerance must be learned by the people of the world, but especially the United States citizens. If this does not occur a variety of different social groups, cultures, ethnic groups, and sub cultures, will be at literal war with each other….


  • If nothing changes, united we stand will no longer be a motto, rather the United States will fall because of the division amongst each other, much of which will be fueled by the government and media.


  • Suicide rates will continue to grow and be at a all time highs – most people seeing no way out of the hellish torment of everyday living.


  • Various religious organizations will far apart completely. People no longer trusting in religion or God. Many will claim to be servants of a higher power, yet use their claims to control and manipulate others.


  • The United States Military will decline due to many reasons, including loss of lives. As wars continue both in and outside the country more and more men and women die. Another draft is instituted to keep up with these losses.


  • Great catastrophic natural events will occur more frequently. This includes earthquakes around Missouri, Maine, and California. Additionally, flooding in various parts (Midwest, North East, South East, West Coast) of the U.S. will occur. 2014/2015 looks to be especially dangerous years with Tornadoes at a high for the country.


  • Cures for various terminal illness are discovered, yet the secrets of their discovery hidden away from the people.


  • In the far distant future, around 2033, if nothing changes, there will be one power…one group… attempting to control the world. At the time it looks to be warmly welcomed, especially among the U.S., due to the conditions of the country that has fallen from a 1st world country to, in some places, almost 3rd world poverty. Long term effects, however, will be undesirable.


These are only possible future events. Remember, there is no such thing as predestination. With proper thought, vigilant awareness, and a willingness to become involved now, as opposed to when it’s too late, you can and will truly make a difference in the world. If you don’t… or rather aren’t willing to, then, well… you may want to consider leaving at least this country before 2014 ends.”

First Posted January 19, 2012.
Last updated – February 26, 2013.

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