Breaking Psychic Attachments and Cutting Energy Cords

How to Break Old Attachments

People form attachments to each other instinctively. They occur naturally regardless of if we want them to or not. Of course, not every attachment is negative. Sometimes an attachment can benefit a person, acting as a source of positive inspiration and influence. In other words, we can draw inner strength and power from it. There are other times, however, when being attached to someone can hold a person back or keep them locked in a negative cycle. Learning to identify when an attachment has occurred, determining if it’s a positive or negative attachment, and ridding yourself of those negative attachments is very much a key to being successful and happy in life.

How we Unconsciously Create Attachments

Any of the following can, and often do, create cords or links between your and another person’s chakras and thus your energy and their energy.

  • Engaging in any sexual act – even imaginative, distant, or virtual
  • Allowing someone into your space emotionally or forming an emotional connection to them (this includes laughter and happiness)
  • Sharing or loaning a meaningful personal item to the person or group
  • Being fearful of a person or group
  • Being angry with a person or group
  • Doing any sort of ritual with another person or within a group
  • Feeling obligated to someone

In other words, pretty much everyone will have many attachments as they move through life, some positive and some negative. These can form between friends, co-workers, relatives, strangers, and of course significant others and romantic partners. They also will form between authority figures and their subordinates.

Identifying a Negative Attachment

There are certain characteristics that make a negative attachment easy to identify. Consider the following:

  • You can’t stop thinking about the person no matter how hard you try and it interferes with living life.
  • You try to “move on,” but every time you do it seems a force of nature or “coincidence” keeps bringing you back together, thus distracting you from moving forward.
  • You find yourself feeling great when around the person or group, but when away it’s as if you’re in a negative slump and can’t find your way out of it.
  • You have many dreams or nightmares about the person or group and its keeping you from resting or awaking refreshed.

In all of these situations, the negative consequences of having the attachment far outweighs anything positive that can come from it. In these situations it’s time to “cut the cord” and have a fresh start.

How to Cut Energy Cords

Cord cutting is easy. There are a few different ways to cut the cords of attachment between yourself and another. None of them will energetically hurt you or the other person. They do, however, provide a sense of freedom and the feeling of being clear. Many times a person will also feel their energy restored upon cutting the energy cords.

  1. Perhaps the easiest method to cut a cord between you and another is to simply call on Archangel Michael to do it for you. Michael is considered the angel of protection and he’s always ready to assist in breaking bonds. By simply saying “Archangel Michael, cut the cords between ____________ and I,” it will be done.
  2. Mentally imagine you are holding an “astral” or imaginary sword or knife and visualize the link/cord between you and the other person. Now cut the link/cord several times until you feel it’s no longer there. Optionally, you can use “astral” scissors.
  3. If you own a feather you can do what Shamans call feather dusting. Take the feather and sweep it around you and your aura as though you are dusting yourself off. Then, as above, visualize the link or cord between you and the other person and use the feather in a cutting motion to break the energy connection.
  4. Take a bath with sea or kosher salt added. Soak your entire body, even dipping your head briefly below the surface of the water. Fill yourself with light energy and as you do so see that light breaking any unhealthy attachments. You can fill yourself with light energy by imaging or pretending that the water is bright light and that as you bathe in it that bright light moves not only around, but through your body.
  5. You can visit a respected healer or energy worker and allow them to cut the cords for you.

Once Gone An Attachment is Not Always Gone

Keep in mind that just because you break an energy attachment between you and another person or group it doesn’t mean it is forever broken. As long as you keep interacting with that person or group it is possible for new attachments to form. This is especially true if you engage in any of the previously mentioned things. In my experience, the best way to fully break an attachment is to do the above exercises and then never see/speak/engage with those people again. Sometimes this is not possible and in those cases it becomes even more important to cut the cords after every interaction with the individual or group.

Bonus Tip – Be Careful Who You Eat With

When we are eating we are energetically speaking at our most receptive state. This means it is much easier to absorb negativity, be manipulated by, and get attached to the people we eat and share a meal with. This is why many people want to take someone out to eat right before hitting them up with a request or business proposition that is important to them. Please remember to choose your dining companions wisely and that you, and you alone, must always be aware of what energy, thoughts, and feelings you allow into your energy field. Always remind yourself that you have the power to say no.

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