Don't get free psychic readings

Why You Shouldn’t Get Free Psychic Readings

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Free psychic readings are something that a lot of people are looking for. They have no idea just how bad this is for them. In this article, I’m going to explain to you why you should avoid free clairvoyant and intuitive sessions and the reason cheap psychic readings aren’t any better for you.

The Law of Exchange

We live in a world that operates on various laws. You may have heard of the law of gravity or even the law of attraction. You may have also heard of the hermetic law of as above so below. Regardless, these laws are considered to be basic rules or ways that the universe around us functions.

In addition to these laws there is a spiritual law called the law of exchange. The law of exchange basically says that in every interaction there must be an equal or fair exchange of energy in order for that interaction to be considered good and ultimately beneficial.

For example: Let’s suppose that two friends are hanging out. Erika and Amanda. Erika is always coming up with things to do, conversation topics, and trying to improve the mood of the Amanda. If Amanda doesn’t reciprocate, then Erika will eventually reach a point where she’ll feel that the friendship just isn’t valuable anymore. It’s not worth the time and energy investment. If Amanda does give back either in a similar manner or by always helping Erika out of a jam when she gets involved in one – the friendship is having an equal exchange of energy and bot women will be happy with their arrangement.

In our world that we’re living in money makes this exchange of energy easy. Money in the physical world is equal to energy in the nonphysical world. You trade the money, at a given value, for something which you believe to be worth that value.

When you chooses to get free psychic readings, obviously no money is involved. If you and the reader aren’t close friends where some other type of exchange is going on then this will mean a couple of things.

First, it means you’re placing no value on either the session or the reader’s time. It also means the reader really is placing no value on the work they do for you. Sure, their value may come from making you feel good in the moment, but this still would not be considered a fair exchange as you’re getting something for nothing.

Second, in order for that exchange to have value and be of any good, something else would have to be given up or provided instead of money. Unless specifically chosen by you, the Universe decides what that exchange ends up being. Many times people end up not happy about what happens due to this mandatory required exchange of energy.

There are exceptions. Some beginning readers, for example, will offer free psychic sessions in order to work on getting experience. This is quite a bit different. Sometimes, you’ll also find readers do charity work and, again, this is different.

Now this fact may upset you.

“But I don’t have the money!”

If you find yourself saying this then barter or work something out with the reader. Never attempt to get something good for nothing. It just doesn’t end up working out in anyone’s best interest. Again, there will always be an exchange of energy. You might also want to check out the articles on when to get a psychic reading.

So while free psychic sessions may sound great in the moment, the likelihood is you won’t end up happy in the long run.

What About Cheap Readings?

The same can be said for so called cheap psychic readings.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?”

Well, this is true even in the psychic world. If you’re going to be paying only $5-10 for a professional psychic reading then you can’t expect that session to truly hold any worth or value. Sure, it may take some time to save for a $45 or $150 session, but most of the time you’ll find the saving and waiting is well worth it. Again, if you just can’t do it, talk to the reader and see if they’re willing to work out something with you.

Psychic Specials

Sometimes readers will offer specials or do psychic fair style readings.

For example, I routinely offer either phone or email reading specials to those who have signed up for my newsletter.

When psychics are offering specials, they are doing so for a reason and the same rules don’t apply. It’s perfectly okay to partake in such special offers, but don’t routinely go out of your way to find readings that are “cheap.”

Take enough value in yourself to give yourself the best that you can afford or make an effort to work out some type of deal with the reader. They may say no, but if they do say yes, at least you know you’ll be getting a high quality session.

Professional Psychic Rates

Most professional readers charge rates based on the time, energy, experience, and expenses involved. This is in addition to what they believe the reading is worth.

You have to remember that a professional psychic typically does only psychic sessions to support themselves and their family. They don’t have another source of income and, contrary to popular belief, they aren’t getting rich off the work they are doing. On average, they make about as much as a counselor, minister, or priest does in a year’s time. Many times a lot less. So value is always relative. You may want to read the article 3 reasons to see a professional psychic to better understand what constitutes a professional in the psychic field.

The bottom line here is that while value is relative, you’re far better off paying more or making payments for something that you believe and feel is worth the investment as opposed to putting yourself into a position where you’re trying to save money and get a quick fix for something which you feel or believe isn’t really worth it.

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