When to Get a Psychic Reading

When to Get a Psychic Reading

It’s important to know when to get a psychic reading and when not to get one. Getting a psychic reading is supposed to be a fun experience and provide you with insights into who you are, what your problems are, and where you can take your life. However, there is a right time and a wrong time to get a psychic session. Besides knowing how to get a psychic reading, you should follow these six tips when it comes to determining if it’s the right time to get a session.

Don’t get a reading when in crisis

A person’s natural instinct is to reach for the phone or make an appointment to see a psychic right at the time when they are most under stress. This is perhaps the worst time to get a session. When a person is stressed out or in crisis mode they typically aren’t ready to hear the information that comes through during a session. Likewise, like it or not, they can unconsciously be influencing the reading and, in some cases, the reader. Always wait until you are in a calm place before reaching out to and contacting a psychic.

Do give appropriate notice before you book an appointment.

Trying to book a session on or for the same day is not wise. There are a few reasons for this. The most important reason being that it doesn’t give the reader appropriate time to really prepare for a session. Most psychics do many things before a session. They do everything from meditations and magick rituals to protection prayers. These things are done to insure the best possible session. When they aren’t given the time to do them, sessions can be haphazard at best. Also, booking a session in advance gives you time to find your own calm and peaceful space – this once again tends to make for an all around better session.

Don’t see a psychic just because someone wants you to.

People tend to think gifting a psychic reading is cool. I tend to strongly discourage people from doing this unless they are 100 percent sure that the person they are gifting the session to really wants it. People tend to feel obligate to accept gifts. Just because they accept and use a psychic reading which was gifted to them doesn’t mean they really wanted the reading. There is nothing in the world that can make a psychic reading good for someone that really doesn’t want it. Likewise, if someone wants you to get a psychic session don’t do it just because they want you to. Only do it if you feel it would truly be beneficial and you feel you are truly ready for it.

Do get a psychic reading when you are inspired or lead to do so.

Your own intuition is always going to be best. Take the time to follow it. If you feel a strong need or pull to get a session, go for it. Chances are it will be the right time for some interesting information to come through for you. Just remember to not have any expectations, as those can ruin an otherwise really awesome session.

Don’t get a reading when you’re sick or in a bad mood.

Being either sick or in a bad mood can result in a reading not turning out well. Not only is the reader likely to pick up on these conditions, but it will require more energy by both spirit and the reader to bridge the connection to you. The reason for this deals with the fact that your own energy will be low. This means it takes longer to gets information and it may not be as clear as it otherwise could be. Also, you are less likely to perceive or interpret the information in the manner in which it was intended to be interpreted in.

Don’t get a session if you are broke.

A psychic reading can’t bring you more money. It’s not going to give you the winning lottery numbers or tell you what days to go to a casino to win big. If you are truly broke you don’t need a psychic  – you need to get control of your financial life first. Allow yourself one session if you are going through hardships and then only if you can truly afford it. Too many psychics try to take advantage of people who are use to wasting or blowing their money. Don’t let yourself be one of those people.

Remember, any type of New Age practitioner offers services that are intended to be helpful and beneficial to you, but that doesn’t mean they will provide all of life’s answers. It also, unfortunately doesn’t mean they are always right – after all, psychics are only human like everyone else. Your first priority, long before you determine when to get a psychic reading, should always be listening to and paying attention to your own inner voice.

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