What to do before a live psychic reading

What to do Before Live Psychic Readings

If you are reading this it is probably because you want to know what to do before live psychic readings. Now that you’ve decided to book a session the question remains, what should I do now? What is the next step? In this article I’ll provide three key pieces of information that will help you prepare for a psychic reading.

Turn off Your Cell Phone

Before your live session you should take the time to make sure you do some very practical things. For example, turn off your cell phone. I can all but guarantee that if you leave your cell phone on it will ring in the middle of your session. This is never a good thing. A ringing cell phone, even if you don’t answer, is enough to interrupt a psychic’s train of thought. At best it can take a reader a few minute  s to get back in to the appropriate head space to continue the session. At worst it will create an energy which will bring your session to an early end.

People close to you will many times be drawn to the energy that you and your spiritual guides create during a session. They will instinctively and subconsciously reach out to you – wanting some of that energy for themselves. So it’s best to make sure your phone isn’t just in silence mode, but turned off completely until the session is over.

If your live session is a Skype or phone session you also want to make sure you tell people that you won’t be available for them until after the session. Again, people find themselves easily attracted to energy. If you don’t set boundaries like this, interruptions can hurt the session.

Mediate and/or Pray

The second thing you’ll want to do to prepare for a psychic reading is either meditate or say a prayer before your session.

Your reader will probably protect the room and space before you get there or call. Still, it’s smart to take some time before a session to do your own mind clearing. A quick meditation and/or prayer can go a long ways in making your session that much more productive. It will also help to calm your nerves and put you into a receptive state to openly receive the best possible information that the psychic will provide.

If you’re at a lost for what to say you can always do a simple prayer. For example:

This session is blessed and protected by All that Is. Allow my mind and heart to be open and help the reader to speak what needs to be spoken.

The above prayer has been used effectively by many clients in the past. It helps to prepare both you and the reader for the session ahead. By saying it in your head (or verbally) you’ll be putting powerful energies to work for you.

Write Your Questions Down

Finally, when it comes to live psychic readings it’s always a good idea to write down any important questions that you have before a session starts. You may think you can keep all your questions in your head, but most people end up having what is termed psychic amnesia when they get in the middle of a session.

Psychic amnesia is a condition that impacts clients when they are overloaded by the energy of a session. It causes them to forget certain facts or questions that under normal circumstances they wouldn’t forget. Always write down your questions before a session and make sure to have those questions with you.

Many times a psychic will answer your questions without you ever having to ask them. This is always nice and a great validation, but you should still take any opportunity given to ask whatever questions may be left.

Always make sure your questions are open ended questions and phrased in a positive manner. While yes/no questions can be answered, you will get more value and information out of open ended questions.

It’s also usually a good idea to avoid when questions as many psychics aren’t naturally good at providing timing or time lines. If they do provide them during a session that’s always a bonus, but answering when questions can be tricky at best.

In summary I’ve presented to you three things which you should keep in mind before partaking in a live session with a psychic. These include silencing your cell phone, taking the time to clear the mind with prayer or meditation, and writing down the questions which are most important for you to get answered.

Your intuitive session should be fun, informative, and insightful and by keeping these three tips in mind you’ll be off to a great start before the session even begins.

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