What is the Difference Between a Past Life Reading and a Past Life Regression?

The concept of reincarnation has been corrupted over time to mean something largely different from what it is understood to mean by people of different cultures and races all over the world. Most people think of reincarnation as humans who have passed away and are born again as geckos, frogs, or other animals. Those with knowledge about the issue know it as human beings simply being born into this world again in order to learn valuable lessons they didn’t learn in former lives.

If you think that an understanding of what you might have been up to in a former life can help you understand what is happening in your current life, you are not alone. There are a couple of ways to go about this: The esoteric way might involve tarot cards, astrology, numerology, and sometimes hypnosis. Then, there is the way of medically established psycho-therapeutic techniques involving hypnosis.

What is a Past Life Reading?

How exactly a past life reading is conducted will depend largely on the kind of person doing the reading. Usually, it’s performed by a medium or clairvoyant who might use tarot cards, astrology, and numerology as tools. Others might use meditation to go into a trance in order to tap into what is known as the Akashic Records by practicing mediums and clairvoyants. These are known as recorded experiences of humanity in the form of etheric imprints in time and space. Many men and women who give past life readings will tap into this archive in some way. They can do this by going into a hypnotic trance, hypnotizing their clients, a combination of both, or through the use of divination tools.

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How Does It Work?

Mediums and clairvoyants who operate on a somewhat commercial level might restrict themselves to tarot card readings, astrology, and numerology for past life readings. These tools are usually powerful enough if they are combined with the training they have received for going into trances and tapping into the energy fields of their clients. These kinds of practices are less intimidating and are more easily understood by clients who don’t have much in the way of esoteric knowledge.

Some past life reading practitioners don’t even need to be in the same room with their clients to perform the reading. They might ask their clients specific questions like their birthday, month, and year to gain a better idea about their clients’ psychic states as well as to perform calculations associated with numerology. Numerology is the esoteric science of numbers and their meanings when applied to the issue of concern. A psychic or medium can tell a lot about a person and his or her past life by studying the numbers they calculate using their full birth dates. To complete the formula, tarot readings are performed concerning the individual and possible lessons to be learned in this life that they failed to learn in former lives.

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What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression therapy is growing in popularity among specialized psychiatrists and therapists as well as among many common people in need of clarity. This makes it more acceptable to troubled men and women searching for answers because it’s therapy that is conducted by individuals with real psychiatric and medical credentials. While intimate discussions and questions addressed to the client are key components of this kind of therapy, hypnosis is used to get to the root of problems on a deeper psychological level.

There is a genuine community of researchers and scientists who study the possibility of reincarnation and the effect it has on our minds and lives as individuals. By many practitioners in the psychiatric field, past life regression is regarded simply as a form of hypnotherapy.

Past life regression therapy must be conducted in person, not over the phone or email correspondence like past life readings might be conducted. The practitioner and patient often become very close during their sessions together due to the intimate nature of the questions asked and the resultant answers. Consultations with the patient are held both out of hypnosis and under hypnosis. Many men and women who have had disturbing behavior patterns and memories that seem to come from nowhere often find themselves ‘remembering’ a former life and gaining understanding about their often unexplained fears or concerns.

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What Are The Benefits?

Many benefits can happen as a result of past life regression even though the experience can be intense. A patient’s connection with the hypnotherapist conducting the past life reading must be a comfortable one. This is very important for successful treatment because the patient must feel as comfortable as possible in order to enter into a hypnotic state. Patients will not remember what they have told their therapists and need to trust them to hear the intensely private and intimate words they speak while under hypnosis.

It’s believed by many researchers of this topic that children remember their past lives quite easily when put into a hypnotic state while adults aged 25 and older often have a harder time. Adults are, however, more motivated to find out about past lives than children because of a need for a resolution to a matter and the healing effect that comes with it.

Past life regression sessions can do a number of things for you if you choose to pursue having one done. It can reveal patterns of anxiety and fear in your behavior that are linked to events in what were possibly former lives. Knowing what causes these thought patterns can keep you from repeating them in order to make peace with yourself. Past life regression can teach you about talents that you had in one life that you can summon up from within yourself and make use of in your current life.

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Many men and women have experienced the ending of physical ailments such as migraines, ulcers and varied forms of chronic pain. Many practitioners in this field believe firmly in the laws of karma and the effects it has on the physical body. Under karmic law, things we have said, done and thought in former lives can affect the physical bodies we occupy today. Releasing negative ways of viewing current problems utilizing past life regression can indeed give countless men and women a fresh start in life.

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