A Psychic's Perspective on UFOS

UFO’s – A Psychic’s Perspective

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Do I believe in UFO’s?

Perhaps a better question to ask would be, do I believe in extraterrestrial life?

The answer is yes, I do.

I believe in both UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms – aliens.

As you probably know, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.  There are many types of UFOs and not all of them have to do with alien life forms. In our society, however, UFOs have become synonymous for alien life forms or alien technology.

I personally have seen a few UFOs that resembled flying saucers. Do I think that aliens were in them? Maybe. The truth is, I don’t know what they were or what was piloting them – if anything. I can tell you that what I saw looked like a ball of light and it speed through the sky and made all sorts of crazy flight patterns, but that’s about it.

I believe people who say they have seen flying saucers and other forms of alien technology. Well, perhaps not everyone, but there are many credible people who have seen these things and I no reason to doubt them or what they saw or experienced.


As for alien life forms… those I have had contact with.  Only a few times, mind you.  Only while channeling for a client.

Channeling, for those who didn’t know, is when a reader opens themselves up to communicate directly with guides, angels, and in this case E.T.’s.

The one I remember most was a grey being about half the size of an adult man, with these really small eyes. It didn’t speak, but rather told me it was communicating via telepathy… something I already knew – as that is the primary way I communicate with my higher self, totems, guides and angels.

It went on to tell this elaborate story about how they are here to help mankind and how they had visited my client several times. My client would later confirm to me that this was true and that what I saw matched what he believed he had been visited by. He didn’t call it abduction, it was simply a visitation. He also told me they were instructing him on how to live more off the land and how at some point in the future technology as we know it wouldn’t exist and mankind would have to return to the very basic, if not primitive, way of living.

I would end up doing three to four sessions for this man and each time the same “alien” would come through and pass along information about what this man and others like him should be doing.


I also had a student in one of my psychic development classes that had an alien as a guide. When he asked me if this was possible, I simply replied – “Yes, anything is possible.” I already knew he had the guide, however, as I was in contact with the being before he was introduced to him.

Further, when traveling around the U.S. lecturing at various stores, I encounter a young man in one of my psychic self defense classes that had also had experiences with alien life forms. He was seeking advice on how to protect himself from them… I could only advise on what I knew, which looking back now, probably wasn’t a lot and not at all helpful to him. I sometimes wonder how he’s doing…


I had a girlfriend once who was very much into UFOs and aliens.

She tried to explain the different types of alien beings to me. I can honestly say I don’t remember much… greys, lizard men, those are some of the ones that stand out. She also tried to explain the different types of alien encounters. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Again, I wasn’t paying much attention as I never really gave much thought to them being around.

Looking back now, I wish I would have listened a little better. Who knows, perhaps in the near future I’ll take an introduction to aliens class or something along those lines. For now, I have done enough research to know a little – and would like to share what little I do know.

J. Allen Hynek was a ufo researcher. He is the one that invented the original scale of encounters that consisted of the 1st through 3rd kind. For those who are wondering, the different types of encounters can be broken down into the following:

First Encounters: Seeing or having visual contact with a UFO. My experience with the flying light would have been an encounter of the 1st kind.

Second Encounters: Seeing or having visual contact with a UFO and having physical evidence left behind to back it up. Think Roswell crash.

Third Encounters: This type of encounter includes seeing and/or communicating with an actual alien life form.

Another researcher, Ted Bloecher, expanded the encounters of the third kind to include six subtypes. Of the six subtypes, three have been indicated that they may or may not have anything to do with actual alien encounters. One of these is “communication from an intelligent being,” This is possibly what I would have experienced in my channeling.

Fourth Encounters:This encounter involves human abductions.

This scale has further evolved, through much controversy, to include:

Fifth Encounters: Encounters of the 5th kind, as described by Steven M. Greer, include repeated contact via telepathy with a benevolent alien life form that wants to help humanity.  This is the other possibility of what I may have experienced by virtue of my channeling.

This is where Hynek’s scale ends. Others have proposed an additional sixth and seventh encounter type.

Sixth Encounters:This is the idea that an interaction with an alien life form has caused injury or death. Michael Naisbitt proposed this type, though it doesn’t appear to have been included in Hynek’s scale as of to date.

Seventh Encounters: Likewise, a seventh encounter has also be proposed which include mating or breeding with an alien life form.

I wish I had more to share, but that’s about all I can share for now.

As I said, perhaps someday I’ll take a UFO research class or something.

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