John Edward - Three of the Best Psychics Today

Three of the Best Psychics in the World Today

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When it comes to the best psychics in the world today, there are three famous and accurate mediums that really tend to stand out. These clairvoyants, listed in no particular order, are people that new age enthusiasts regard as the “best” when it comes to psychics.

John Edward

John Edward has really become like the rock star of the professional psychic world. He is perhaps one of the most famous mediums alive today. His TV shows “Crossing Over” and “Cross Country” has opened the eyes of millions and continue to inspire and fill people with hope that there is life beyond this physical world.

Edward has had numerous TV and radio appearances and his private sessions are currently booked up well in advanced and he is no longer taking new appointments. He is also the owner of the website infinite quest, designed to bring education about the new age world to all viewers and is tooted as being a person’s one stop portal for all things metaphysical. He has authored several books including “Practical Praying” and “What if God Were the Sun?”

Additionally, according to people magazine John Edward is one of the few psychic mediums to have had laboratory testing done on him with outstanding results being shown.

Sylvia Browne

Long before there was John Edward there was professional psychic Sylvia Browne. She is perhaps the most well known and popular seers in the world, largely due in part to her repeated appearances on the Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live.

Sylvia Brown has a whole organization called the Novus Spiritus Church dedicated to her beliefs. She has had many best selling books including a few #1 New York Times Best Sellers and she continues writing today.

As of 2009, Browne is currently taking new phone clients at a cost of $850 a session. Though her accuracy as been questioned in the past, she still remains one of the most famous psychics and has numerous testimonials to back up this claim.

Update: On November 20th, 2013 Sylvia Browne passed away.

Dr. Doreen Virtue

Dr. Doreen Virtue is also one of the best psychics in the world today. She is one of the few professional and accurate mediums in the world today that holds a doctorial degree in counseling psychology. She is known as the angel expert and works with both the ascendant masters and angelic realm.

This famous psychic has authored over 20 books on a variety of new age topics including chakras, angels, indigo children, and many mind/body health books. Dr. Virtue has devoted her life’s work to helping people to hear the messages that their angels give them each and everyday.

The Best Clairvoyants and Mediums Aren’t the Only Famous Psychics

Those psychics that have appeared on this list were chosen because of their popularity. It’s important to note there are many other accurate mediums in our world who have not had the fame and publicity that these three have had. Likewise, there are many psychics that could easily be included in a list of the best of the best psychics and mediums including James Van Praagh, John Holland, Allison DuBois, George Anderson, and Sonia Choquette.

Be aware that there are many psychics and mediums that are very accurate who have had little to none media attention either because they choose not to engage in it or because they just don’t like it. Consider reading this guide to preparing for a psychic session and avoiding psychic fraud prior to booking an appointment with a clairvoyant, medium, or psychic.


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