Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne – A Personal Reflection and Rant

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On November 20th, 2013 Sylvia Browne passed away. She was 77 years old. She transitioned while in a hospital in California. This article serves to act as my personal reflection upon her, her life, and her work. It also explains a concept that is very dear to my heart and one that many people still seem to take for granted or choose to not understand.

Who is Sylvia Browne?

For those who don’t know, Sylvia Browne was a professional psychic medium and psychic channel. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri and she appeared on a number of different radio and TV shows. She is perhaps most well known for her appearances on the Montel Williams shows and Larry King Live show. In addition to being a psychic and medium, she was also a New York Times best selling New Age author and spiritual teacher, having authored over 50 books for the New Age and Metaphysical fields during her lifetime.

She founded the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research which had a focus of helping people to live a happier life while discovering their own personal connection to God. Additionally, she founded the Society of Novus Spiritus (latin for New Spirit) which helped to organize people together who desired to practice the spiritual life of Gnostic Christianity.

Cloaked in Controversy

Most of her career was cloaked in controversy. She had several predictions which were proven to be wrong. Her arch nemesis, the “great” Randy, and her verbally sparred several times throughout her career. It has been because of these events that many people labeled and started thinking of her as a fraud. Her prices didn’t help these matters much, as throughout her career she has charged between $350 and $800 dollars for one hour private sessions.

Additionally, she had plead no contest to selling securities without a licences back in 1992/1993. Though she continued to maintain her innocence and placed the blame on her former husband, the incident will likely always be held over her head.

Besides this, she had a very straightforward style of reading that often times came across as rude and uncaring to many people that she read for, especially in group sessions.

Reflecting on her Life and Death and On the Psychic Field

I never was a fan of Sylvia Browne. I just didn’t care for her style of reading and doing sessions. It’s important to understand that I don’t nor ever have disliked her, I just didn’t really give a lot of thought or focus to her. I read one of her books when I was at my Catholic high school and found it interesting. A friend of mine, in college, convinced me to listen to some audio tapes she did, and I found those informative as well. I couldn’t tell you now what those audio tapes were called or what the book had been titled.

I find it interesting that she transitioned in her 77th year. This is a numerological master number and many times deals with great sacrifice for a better cause. It is due to this reason that it is sometimes labeled as the Christ Consciousness number. While I certainly don’t think she planned her passing or chose to transition because of this, I do find it interesting. As with all things, however, I try to encourage students not to over think or over analyize anything.

One thing that really bothers me, however, is the number of people that call her a fraud and spit so much venom toward her. In her mind I’m sure she always thought and believed that she was doing good for others and on God’s behalf. It brings to mind a biblical verse and makes me ask, who amongst us has not ever been wrong in life? As the bible would say, let that person be the first to throw a stone.

She was still a human being. She still had feelings. She still had a family. She still lived in our world and had her shares of ups, downs, and pains in life. Like all humans I’m sure she made mistakes. Does that deserve the hatred that so many spew toward her?

The truth is, to see her as anything other than human is a flaw that others choose to make based on the fact that they believe something which isn’t true.

A Rant on The State of Our World

That belief which isn’t true is that psychics are God like and should be perfect. This has never been nor ever will be true. Psychics are humans. Period. There is not a professional psychic out there who thinks or believes themselves to be God. Those who claim they are should certainly be avoided.

As humans, we psychics, like all humans, have this wonderful trait called fallibility. This means they not only can we be wrong, but eventually we will be and do wrong.

Start learning to think of the terms psychic, channeler, or medium as a profession. We do this for a living. Many of us don’t have other jobs. We make it our full time responsibility to try to help and or “heal” other people. We don’t do it in the same way a doctor, lawyer, or counselor would. We don’t do it the same way a priest or rabbi would. Many of us do it because we feel a sort of spiritual calling to do it. I’m sure Sylvia Browne did too.

People must learn the difference between the divine and the human. No human can nor ever will be fully divine (Unless you are a believer in Jesus Christ, in which case there is an exception to be made). Nothing divine will never be fully human (Unless you believe in Jesus Chris or certain archangels). These two aspects of being will always have a degree of separation between them.

If I can help you find a connection to the divine or, more importunately, spur you to form that connection yourself, then I have helped you discover a greater degree of wholeness. You see, it’s not about me telling you what to do. It’s not about me proving that I’m something which I’m not. It sure the hell isn’t about me entertaining you. I have, nor will I ever see the work I do as mere entertainment. I may laugh and enjoy my work at times, but I’m not here to “entertain” people. I don’t think any professional in the metaphysical or new age field looks at the work they do as mere entertainment. No, most of us look at it as spiritual teaching and guiding to the best of our ability to help others find something within themselves to help them help themselves to improve their life and thereby do something important in their own lives.

Look, people will always find something to bitch about and complain about. There are people that don’t like certain singers. There are people that don’t like certain doctors, lawyers, or counselors. There are even people that don’t like certain celebrities. At what point, in our society, did it become acceptable to bash and trash others simply because we don’t agree with them, their lifestyle, or their point of view? Why do people do this? Has the vast majority of society sunk so far below the threshold of humanity that they simply don’t care anymore? Has society really gotten to a point where all they can do is focus on and spread hatred in the world?

As I said, I didn’t care much about Sylvia Browne’s style of reading, but I will not bash her for believing in her own convictions and living the life she felt she wanted to live. I will not trash her nor her name no matter how wrong she was over the years. Why? Because if she helped or healed even ONE person, she had already did so much better than what most of society and humanity are doing these days. It’s not about hate people… can try to make it about that all you want, but at the end of the day, there are those of us, lightworkers if you will, that will stand tall and proud and do our best to help – even if in the process of trying to help we do something wrong, say something wrong, or make a mistake due to our humaness. We do it because we believe in a higher power. We do it because we want to help that higher power have a more personal connection with others. We do it because of how important we believe the power of love, hope, and faith to be in changing lives.

Closing Remarks

Sylvia, I’m sure you will be a wonderful guide to others. I’m sure you’re already adjusting to your new form. I’m sure you and your guides (maybe even Francine) are having a party right now. I’m sure you will go out of your way to continue to be connected with both your family and the people that have believed in you and put so much trust in you. While you may not have been for me, I honor the fact that for many you were for them. May you and your family find peace and many your teachings and guidance find the hearts and souls of those who are most in need of it.


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