How to Start Developing Psychic Ability

How to Start Developing Psychic Ability

As a teacher in the new age field, it never is a surprise when someone asks (and most students always do) “How do I start developing psychic ability?”

In order to start developing psychic ability a student needs to do three types of homework. These three types of homework, though basic and simple in nature, start the foundation of developing and becoming more aware of psychic powers that are at work in the new age student’s life.

Start a Dream Journal

As a beginner, dreams are the most direct way for your guides, angels, and higher self to communicate with you. Despite this, 90% of my first time students have never thought about nor even want to keep a dream journal. Many of these students also try to say “Well, I don’t dream.” This is a load of bull! Everyone dreams! It’s scientifically proven that we HAVE to dream. The problem is that the student hasn’t yet developed the mental discipline to recall those dreams.

To start to develop that discipline and to start developing psychic ability a student must be willing to record all dreams they have every time they have a dream. Even if it’s just a word or two that’s remembered, write it down! This will help to start to train the conscious and subconscious minds to work together.

Start a Psychic Event Journal

A second thing students are encouraged to do is record any and all psychic events that occur throughout the day. To notice a psychic event or that psychic powers are at work is the first step in controlling them and it’s also the first step in increasing the consistency at which they work. Awareness is everything in this field. Both the obvious ESP experiences and not so obvious intuitive insights need to be recorded.

Some examples of psychic events which are not so obvious include saying the same thing at the same time as someone else, knowing who is calling before answering a phone, getting a front parking space at the mall or grocery store, and thinking about what someone is wearing and they see you that day wearing exactly that.

Of course any predictions you make that are accurate should also be recorded, but your focus as a beginner shouldn’t be on doing psychic readings or making predictions, it should be on discovering when your intuitive abilities are naturally at work.

Practice Telepathy

Finally, to start developing psychic ability it’s important that you find a partner and work on telepathy skills. Like it or not, telepathy is a core foundational skill in the psychic world. When we communicate with guides, angels, or our higher self we are using telepathy. When we try to manifest or make use of the law of attraction, we are using telepathy. When we attempt to hear what someone is thinking, we are using telepathy. There are so many psychic skills that come from telepathy, that to not practice this basic core skill is a great disservice to the intuitive realms.

How do you practice telepathy? There are many resources out there, but the old fashioned ESP cards are one way. Another is by “guessing” what your partner is trying to send you.

By working with these three basic foundational skills a new age student and psychic development student will be well on their way to improving and developing psychic ability.

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