Should I See a Psychic?

Spiritual Teacher John CulbertsonOne question many people ask is “Should I see a psychic?” The reason most end up choosing not to see one is because of the images that Hollywood and popular fiction has painted of them. Gypsies, fortune tellers, scam artists, it’s not hard to understand why so many people resist seeing a psychic.

Is John Culbertson a psychic?

John Culbertson offers insights and advice on most topics. Relationships, career, spirituality, and family are just some of the topics he may touch upon in a session. Sometimes he passes along messages from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Sometimes he provides insights from angels or other spiritual beings. There are also times when he provides energy healing. In truth, he has worked with thousands of people from all over world including England, India, the Netherlands, the United States, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, and others.

Despite this, there are still many people that he comes across who are fearful of or skeptical about what he does professionally. If they don’t believe he is a scam artist they think he’s in legion with the Devil. Neither of which, according to his clients, are true. If you ask him, John will tell you that he believes in one God who manifests itself in various ways and through the many world religions to accommodate the great many people and personalities that are within the world.

“People are allowed to believe what they want to believe. I’m not in the business of telling people what to believe. I’m not in the business of telling people all about doom and gloom. My job involves both helping people to feel better and empowered and providing insights about life which they may not have thought about or which they have thought about and need further validation on. People are in control of their own destiny and honestly, there are many people who don’t need to use my services because they fully understand and known this.”

Most of his clients view him more as a spiritual teacher or shaman as opposed to psychic. As far as he is concerned this is fine. “In fact, I rather prefer being called a spiritual teacher and adviser. The word psychic is so misunderstood in world society. A great many who use this term are in fact all those stereotypes which people have become weary and afraid of.”

John has a full time work schedule. From 10am to sometimes as late as 11pm John works with private clients, writes New Age and self-help books and articles, does PR and marketing, produces a monthly newsletter, keeps his Facebook page updated, and travels teaching and conducting classes and workshops.

“I keep busy and tend to have little free time. Yet I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.”

John does not come from a family of psychics. He was raised in a strict Roman Catholic family where much of what he does today was considered back in his youth as taboo. Instead, John credits several of his past teachers and mentors for his growth and development as a spiritual being. He states that “I have learned that all people are born psychic and have intuitive abilities. All people have the ability and power to connect personally one on one with God or the Universal Spirit. They don’t need an intermediary if they would just try and trust. I have learned, however, that most people are not really good at learning to trust themselves.”

John has been influenced over the years by Sandy Anastasi, John Maerz, Jason Oliver, Mic McManus, Gerald O’Donnell, Dr. Steve Serr, Ed Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and many other New Age personalities.

“I love to learn and I love to read books. Reading, to me, is one of the most important things people can do. It opens up a whole new world and provides new insights which otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Sometimes the things which you read that you don’t agree with are far more important than those which you do agree with. Anytime you challenge what you know and ask questions you are bound to grow and evolve beyond your current state.

John has been a professional in the New Age field for almost 20 years. In that time he has authored several books. Miracle of the Angels is a short story about his encounter with angels when his grandmother was dying from cancer. Improve Your Intuition discusses and teaches people about psychic development. Finally, Psychic Self Defense and Protection is about defending against the negativity in the world and learning to understand how people use energy in both good and bad ways.

Psychic or not, John has a large number of students and clients that he has helped get into the field and expand their own New Age based businesses. He has an equal number of clients who have emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grown and found their life enriched through their connection to him.

To learn more about John visit his website at:

Psychic John Culbertson

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